Joe Biden: U.S. President

Yeah… but can you diagram that sentence?

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Sentence? :thinking:

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“Can you clarify your point, Sir? I mean, one point? ANY point?”

Just waiting for someone to call him on his nonsensical non answers. He actually says the talking point before he gives the answers. Is Chomsky working with him on how to not speak doublespeak clearly? He’s learning to stutter mutter muddle double speak.

Just imagine if actual journalists were asking him actual questions. I know, hard to imagine.

He practically molested Lemon’s ego on TV. Who wants more of that kind of attention? yeesh

Lemon was at least smart enough to remain facing Joe at all times.

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What? Joe doesn’t like eye contact? I suppose that could be true. He usually sneaks up from behind.

Depends how you count it up (And remove the confederate slave states deaths because, well, they were traitors that said they weren’t part of the u.s. :P).

Also how you count the covid deaths - official numbers, or some allowance for excess deaths.

So sounds like a defendable statement, but one that reasonable people can disagree on.

Why would you do that? That’s not reasonable at all. Did the North annex the South after the war? Nope. Same country then.

i have to admit, trump was so bad i started following american politics; since he wasn’t reelected, i’ve mostly stopped paying attention

my point is, however bad biden is (and it might be pretty bad) you’ll never convince me that he’s worse than the last guy

It’s still early. Give it time.

Pretty low bar.

both of then have been in the public sphere for some time, i’m good

no doubt, but i didn’t set that bar

not sure if you’ve heard, but there’s a global pandemic, and intelligent people are concerned about it

edit: my meaning is, a good reason to skip the town hall (for some people)

Same country, and states not annexed. But the traitorous douchebags were not considered U.S. citizens when fighting. They did receive general pardons which restored their rights as citizens, on condition of swearing loyalty to the U.S., with exceptions. Exceptions were made for such as Lee and Davis. Lee subsequently applied to have his citizenship restored - which it wasn’t - until 1975. Davis’s was restored by Jimmy Carter in 1978.

Not bothered with much Beijing Biden stuff as he is a non entity gopher figurehead. Embarrassing they roll him out for this:


Biden said “you’re not going to get COVID if you have these vaccinations”. This is totally wrong and dangerous!

Where’s the outrage mob cancelling Biden? Where’s the media pushback? Where’s the headlines pointing to President Biden spreading Covid misinformation? Did Psaki include Biden in the list of 15 people spreading covid misinformation?

It’s so embarrassing, and here’s the thing — it’s surprising to nobody. The Democratic Party should be ashamed of themselves for propping him up in the first place (somehow turning him around from last place behind Buttigieg, Sanders, and Warren in the Iowa Caucuses… :thinking:), and continuing this form of abuse for months on end.

Did Biden say there is no pandemic now?

Do you think if Trump was still president, he would get away with saying that?