Joe Biden: U.S. President

The question was about defunding the police.

Yes, I understand that, so what?

Why was it stupid. Cleary there are dems who agree with defunding the police. Why wiggle away and scream Qanon idiocy?

I’m fairly sure that you could pull out quotes from elected democrats saying they wanted to defund the police easier than whatever he said about vampire republicans. However, that’s sort of a response that Biden would have given 5+ years ago instead of the dazed, lost-in-the-headlights responses that we’ve come to know recently and perhaps he’s better cognitively than a lot of people believe.

Unless I really, really don’t remember what I believe I saw, it was there. I flipped through it on the CNN channel yesterday but it appears they only have a few clips now.

Jill is currently in Tokyo so I believe that we should lower expectations of President Biden for a few days.

She asked him a question about it (apparently); he answered “we are not defunding the police, and have not” and she responded by asking “Are there people in the Democratic Party who want to defund the police?” which is an absurd gotcha question to which he gave a sharp, witty, logically valid, and entirely appropriate response. I didn’t even know it had anything to do with QAnon and I thought so; that is irrelevant to me.

Of course he is. This whole POTUS is a idiot stuff is ridiculous, for Biden, Trump, Bush…all of them. You cannot get that far being a moron.

How so? There are NO ZERO NONE?

I didn’t say that he was a moron. You don’t become President of the United States unless you’re far above average in a number of areas.

I said that he appears not that well off cognitively. Flip through clips of him speaking back a few years and compare to recent weeks - as somebody who has known people deal with various stages of dementia (including simply age-related decline), he really, really, really has slipped.

Of course there are. There are millions of people in the Democratic Party. It’s a stupid question. Maybe she can think about it and do better next time.

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I was agreeing with you, not coming at you. :wink:

Or, he has really p-p-p-perfected his performance.

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That’s cute. The question was obviously meant for Democratic lawmakers, not party members.


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Well, write something stupid.

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Well, she made it easy for him. Ask a stupid question…

How is wanting to know if Joe knows that there are those in his own party who disagree with his assessment on funding and defunding the popo not a proper question? Biden is a dick and he answered the question in his usual dickhead bullying manner.

No,the reporter is an idiot and old man Joe shot her lame gotcha question down!

I was just impressed he had the presence of mind to make that comeback. He usually struggles mightily to put full sentences together.

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I’m going to give myself…5 minutes and promise not to use right-wing sites or anything but videos of words coming out of elected democrats’ mouths. “Defund”. “Abolish”, “Reimagine”. I mean, this wasn’t a fringe idea. I remember James Clyburn receiving a good deal of blowback from his party for saying that he wasn’t going to stand behind any proposals to defund police.

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I think pointing out that the dems aren’t a Borg hive mind is a good thing for the dems. Diversity of thought and all. But maybe Biden sucking on the blood of the young is too good an image for Joe to pass up saying out loud in public.