Joe Biden: U.S. President

Hacks aren’t usually thought of in terms of ‘force,’ but ok. How many people you willing to potentially let die by shutting down an energy grid of a country for a week?

Yea, no. Reportedly, in 2018, during the Trump admin, the Russians infiltrated power plants, water filtration plants, and govt facilities. The Cozy Bear SolarWiinds Orion attack was in spring of 2020. Sandworm was supposedly operating since 2017.

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Is it really a thing? I have friends from a wide variety of the political spectrum and, literally, the only people that I have ever seen posting about it are from the relatively far left. (It’s a fair retort that the right discusses Antifa far more than the left does.) I know a good number of guys who believe all the conspiracies and, with one or two exceptions, have never heard any of them mention anything whatsoever about the QAnon crap. As somebody who may or may not have spent time on 4Chan early in the internet…this is Chan kind of fun.

I do think that there are a handful of public figures who have reposted some of the “theories” but is there anybody who has any real power or is relevant? The comparison here was vs “defund the police” and James Clayburn, Cory Booker and President Biden have taken crap for not repeating that talking point.

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Huh. In my day “Have you stopped beating your wife?” Was a gotcha question.

Or when Trump’s press secretary was asked if Trump was happy with the North winning the activity War.

Asking about the ideology of an individual politician’s perspective or a group of the from your own party is not. That’s how I see it anyway.

I can’t imagine how people would lose faith in this guy:

Biden is very similar to Trump in that he is a terrible off the cuff public speaker. They both can’t shut up and where The Don ends up sounding narcissistic, Joe sounds heavily medicated.

And his Town Hall didn’t help…at all.

That’s not what she was doing though.

THE PRESIDENT: We answered enough questions today. The only reason I’m stopping: I feel badly you’re here this hour of the night.
Q Mr. President, can you clarify what you said about no — that there’s no — no one in the Democratic Party is anti-police?

So she starts not by asking him about either his position about defunding, not really, or a group in the party’s position on it, but to clarify why he said “no one in the Democratic Party is anti-police”. He immediately denies that. (Did he ever say it? He didn’t seem to when he talked about police in the recent CNN thing, and I assume this is what she was trying to follow up on.)

THE PRESIDENT: I didn’t say that.
Q I know that you said you don’t want to defund the police —
THE PRESIDENT: I said that that — that is not the Democratic Party’s position.
Q Okay.
THE PRESIDENT: I’m the Democratic Party; I am President. So is the Speaker of the House and so is the –- the Majority Leader. We are not the defunding the police.
Q Okay. And are there people who — in the Democratic Party, who want to defund the police?

Now her initial question was rejected. Did she push back with telling him where he actually said that, for example? That would be great. She didn’t, so I guess we can assume it was just bullshit? Tell me if I’m wrong about that, I’d like to know. Anyway, no, she doesn’t do that but tries to save at least a quick gotcha out of it with a facile question about if anyone in the party supports defunding the police. Poor work both on the initial question and the follow-up. Good on Biden for the quick comeback, hopefully she’ll learn something from it. Don’t make it so easy.

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Meh. Biden’s fall backs are mean spirited and bullying. You think making some leap to some unknown to most people Qanon smear is witty and valid? Why is he even thinking about Qanon? Why is he even responding to them? To paint his own broad stroke smear against political opponents? I mean, when you say Qanon, to this day, I say, wtf is Qanon? If this is not a dog calling squirrel moment, IDK what is. Just a deflection. Biden can’t unite his own party and has zero chance of uniting the country.

As you’re saying most people would not know it was about QAnon (I didn’t), so who cares anyway, if that’s even what he was alluding to, and why would he bother? To me it just seems to be effective rhetorical questioning of the logic of her question.

That’s my point. The great uniter isn’t one and never ever has been one.

He’s punching down.

Here’s another take:

Really seems like Joe is the one doing the gaslighting…you know…for unity.

I’m near apoplectic about this. :rage:

A conversation between staffer Melissa DeRosa and state Democrats over Zoom leaked in February, in which DeRosa admitted the Cuomo administration purposely undercounted nursing home deaths to avoid a federal investigation. New York Attorney General Letitia James issued a report weeks earlier showing the death counts in nursing homes may be 50% higher than what Cuomo’s administration had disclosed.



No President is going to have that much above a 50% approval rating in our current media environment but this is bad for him. I figured that he had perhaps 9 months to get things passed and, after that, he would be, essentially a lame duck and if the democrats lose the Senate and House in 2022, that’s it for any part of his agenda.

We may have seen the last of any real policies out of Biden.

He has plenty of time to start a war.

Yes. I should have mentioned that.

If there’s anything that could bring our neo-cons and neo-libs together, it’s a good war.

Of course, the ‘war on domestic terror’ could be far more profitable than people imagine and save a few third-world countries from getting freedom.

The Biden Economy in a nutshell:

“Inflation is running rampant due in part to out-of-control spending from President Biden and Speaker Pelosi,” the House minority leader, Kevin McCarthy, said on Twitter last week. “Make no mistake[,] with inflation rising at the fastest pace in 13 years, your hard-earned money is worth less in Joe Biden’s America.”

To be fair, Trump adding 25% more dollars into circulation helped.

Biden says that injecting a few trillion in the economy will stimulate things and drop inflation. If this happens, they need to re-write a few economic books.

(Yellen disagrees and says it’s here for a bit.)

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“Optimism in country’s direction plummets”
Polls are BS anyways - Probably the media just prepping for President Kamala transition?

The claim that no one who makes under $400,000 will be hit by the Biden tax increases is simply not correct. Under the Biden tax increases, millions earning much less will face lower wages and income, higher prices on basic household goods and services, and lower retirement savings in their 401(k)s and pension plans.

Of course he is. Why people listen to crap from anyone is Washington is beyond me. You want more federal programs. You need more tax dollars. Tax dollars come from people.

And look here, ANOTHER inflation article.

If only there were a way to make kids not be able to read and write, like from early on…like some kind of program that seems important but really just distracts them from being able to know things the government doesn’t want them to know. Hmmm.

ass wiping:


Ah yes, ‘My butt’s been wiped’, the serious Biden breakdown we’re all here for. :joy:

This isn’t exactly groundbreaking stuff, but relative to previous regressive presidents, I suppose it is. Never did understand the controversy over regulating things that can impact environment and public health.