Joe Biden: U.S. President

You as well, and I’m not opening your PM. Seems weird to sign off here and then message me.

Well, obviously I will not try to privately send you a message ever again which was intended for you to understand something I had said publicly.

For those curious what the PM said, it was a five letter word and perhaps our wordle champion can help what that word might have been. @Dr_Milker get it in one?

It’s OK. No harm, no foul. I’ve had enough gossip this week I’ll. :laughing:

It’s ok, your private communications will still be kept private, I have no expectation of the same from you. Nor should anyone else.

Looks like Ole Joe shot his load too early, with pump prices now at record high in U.S.
Houston, we indeed have a problem.

They really hire some hum-dingers.
No worries, this latest unintelligent PressSec will get a job at one of the cable news networks some day.

Willing to lie right from the start. Great hire

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In fairness, she didn’t lie. She just completely avoided the question. Apparently she was only able to respond to things written in her binder, and couldn’t or wouldn’t think on her feet. The real answer is that it won’t, but if she understands basic economic principles and thinks on her feet, she could have come up with some bullshit answer that was half true.

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I’d say she did. Not by the letter of the law perhaps :slight_smile:

At least she had the good sense to know she didn’t have an answer.

I’m not willing to go that far. She looked terrified, just looking for anything in her binder to read. Perhaps, though, it was good sense not to try and justify that ridiculous tweet.

Quite possibly beyond her dissembling skills. She doesn’t seem terribly smart or quick on her feet.

Critique her, I triple dog dare you.

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I’m not sure how those are related.

The US does have a huge stockpile of weapons, lots of workers to load them, and lots of planes to deliver them. The US, to my knowledge, does not have a massive stockpile of baby formula that they can unlock.

So it seems like a false equivalence to say that there’s money for one thing and not for another.

Given the super high fossil fuel prices right now, movement away from them should be happening naturally. We should be at a point where alternatives are cheaper than fossil fuels. I’d argue that government interference in markets is also preventing it, along with actions by OPEC et al fixing prices.

Worth mentioning that, to my understanding, companies have the land and the ability to drill but they are CHOOSING not to drill because it doesn’t make long-term financial sense to do so. So again, I’m not sure it’s something the US government can directly control.

Biden keeps beating the white supremacy drum, and I figured this rebuttal should go here.

I hope they don’t, as a summer of fire and high gas prices will not mix.

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Now this is the kind of proactive-ness a president should initiate, or, maybe it’s for the wrong reason.
Nice comment about being a bit tired and sleepy

US President Joe Biden has hired a “very expensive” lawyer whose “only job” is to keep him out of jail, says Curtin University political analyst Joe Siracusa.

It comes as President Biden’s legal team is preparing to defend against the possibility of impeachment if Republicans gain a majority in Congress after midterm elections.

“All the analysts in America, pundits, are picking a landslide at the midterm elections in November,” Professor Siracusa told Sky News Australia.

“President Biden knows they’re coming for him.

“They’re going after him, the kid (Hunter), they’re going to go after his performance … they’re going to go after incompetence.

“Particularly, they’re going to start with the departure from Kabul in Afghanistan and they’re going to go to the southern border.

“Biden knows it’s coming – he hired a very expensive fellow; he’s going to be called special counsel and his only job is to keep President Biden out of jail.

“He may be a little tired and sleepy sometimes, but he was smart enough to hire a first class lawyer to represent him.”

I wonder who, the Obama fixer Kathryn Ruemmler? The dirty election trickster Marc Elias or one of the less famous lawfare lawyers like Michael Bromwich who was representing Christine Ford. Maybe one of the hit squad lawyers from Mullers mob. Andrew Weissmann for example although they are more well known for being dirty prosecutors.

Michael Sussmann is a bit busy right about now.

edit/ After checking, it is Richard Sauber, seems solid. See here

I’d be willing to wager that there are a fair number of DNC stooges that can’t wait for a Republican majority to go after that creepy old f*ck. They’ll finally get him out of their hair without getting their own hands dirty. The amount of bodies buried and skeletons in the closet he has to know about must be staggering for him to be where he is today.