Joe Biden: U.S. President

Yeah they do that a fair bit, change the definition of “racism” or a “woman” to something you need a biologist to answer, it’s stupid and no one should play along with the stupidity.

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Good to see that he feels well the 2nd time. Not wishing the 3rd time on anyone.

Maybe he doesn’t want to go whatever was planned for the next week?


Mr. Biden is experiencing what O’Connor called “‘rebound’ positivity,” which can happen to a small percentage of patients who are treated with the drug Paxlovid.


Joe is a psychopath. Clearly narcissistic. Never accepts blame. Ever.


Imagine that:

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they really do want civil war, I give them that much

Old news. lol

Half the time I hear her talk or see her columns, I think it’s satire.

Probably took off his mask to sniff a little girl.

Biden for the kill.


Good step by the Biden admin.

Notable timing of the announcement amid high US-China tensions could be seen as the Biden Admin sending China a clear message, that China’s proxies are being destroyed one by one - furthermore, that the US leaders at a high level (but not the general public) “know it was China all along”.

China without their traditional proxies means they would have to face the US and Allied Forces head on.


This is why I prefer reading books, not twats.

Perfect spokesperson for Biden.

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what she does have is a chia pet hairdo

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Yeah, that’s just her natural hair, man.

Sounds like somebody needs to circle back… :sweat_smile:

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