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Ever get the feeling that the world is being bought and sold and bought again?

Ukraine says it uncovers mass fraud in weapons procurement (

“We had NOOOOOO idea!” They said.

Betting odds on Biden down 9 % just today. Its got Gavin Newsom as the potential highest chance of winning after Biden, I cant believe they will go with another white male. A black woman with surname Rice seems to fit the bill better but nowhere to be seen on the odds list, yet.

Brown people all look the same.

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“Just like we drew it up”

U.S. House of Representatives: House Session, Part 3 | February 13, 2024 |

Biden live on the defense bill. he was just talking about sending American built and manufactured—weapons.

Look out world. We’re back.



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Biden attacked Hur for asking him when Beau died. That didn’t happen, sources say. (

Another lie. How hard is to believe that Joe was bringing up his dead kid out of the blue because that’s what he does alllllll the time?

Ask the gold star families. They’ll tell you all about it.


House delivers blow to Biden’s climate agenda, votes against natural gas moratorium (

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I’ve been thinking about starting a bothsidesing thread, which requires all posts to be about both sides (for examole, Trump and Biden are both bad candidates). This was almost the first post

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Interesting quote making the rounds. Probably will pick this book up when I return to the states (been kinda obsessed with the Eastern Roman empire for a few years now).

The positional development is interesting: from disagreeing with positions (actually held) to disagreeing with positions attributed (i.e. not actually held). It fits with a theory I’m considering about the human need for identity, the consequences thereof (e.g., identity politics), and how US politics is what it is today.

The Christological division over Natures differed from that of the fourth century about the Father and Son in one more way: in the fourth century, partisans disagreed with the theological positions of their opponents, whereas in the fifth and sixth centuries they disagreed with largely imaginary positions that they only attributed to their opponents, often while the latter were clearly proclaiming that they did not hold those positions. … The need to create identities by inventing caricatures and then demonizing those who allegedly believed them proved to be greater than the desire for consensus.

-The New Roman Empire, Anthony Kaldellis (2024)

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Oh so NOW Biden’s WH is stepping over the line? :roll_eyes:

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Hilarious. Also very, very sad.

President Biden comes up with unexpected workaround for failing memory while giving live address, though aides immediately walked back his new policy saying, “US policy regarding nuclear launch codes remains the same.”:

Biden Gives Americans Nuclear Launch Codes In Case Anything Ever Happens To Him

WASHINGTON—In an address from the White House carried live on television, President Joe Biden gave the nation the nuclear launch codes Monday in case anything were ever to happen to him. “Folks, I don’t plan on going anywhere anytime soon, but the fact is, I’m not always going to be around, and you need to be prepared to oversee our long-range and tactical nuclear weapons on that day,” said the commander-in-chief, who added that he had been holding onto the highly classified sequence of letters and numbers until he thought the nation was ready to responsibly operate its arsenal of 5,244 warheads. “Just write the codes somewhere safe so you don’t lose them. Because, listen, if I have to go away, you’re the president, understand? All of you are. Okay, you ready? The code is 3X52-4980.” At press time, the American public had reportedly launched an intercontinental ballistic missile at East Timor.
– America’s Finest News Source

Ugh, they need better alternatives

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What, so just anyone can now now not just get claim asylum and remain in the US?

Stop! Really? Or is this some convoluted they can now not not not claim asylum and now not not remain in the US?