John Kerry Memorial

[quote=“sbmoor262004”]Yes, Tainan, if it only weren’t for those damn protestors who opposed a pointless war that killed over 47,000 Americans. Democracy sucks, doesn’t it? I mean, we also should have stopped those protestors against the latest Iraq war. Next time we should follow the Stalinist model and simply assassinate those idiots trying to organize protests. Hell, we should just White-Out the First Amendment of the Bill of Rights. That way whenever we go to war no one can disagree.
I mean, those 47,000 men and women who died in Vietnam had to die. We had to fight in Vietnam, and if it weren’t for people like Kerry we could have napalmed the entire country, hell NUKED it and won it even though it might have been a little hard cleaning up all the radiation afterwards. Then we should have gone into China just like McArthur thought we should. Damn it, where can we find geniuses like them these days? Can’t find no smart people nowhere nohow today.[/quote]

More than 2 millions Vietnamese died and are still dying today because of these great Americans cowards heroes.
one typical American tradition is to say:
1/ we

Still him Tetsuo…check the thread…Kerrys picture was there…it was included…and there is the pictorial proof…

It has been verified by multiple sources. He was accorded “Hero of the Revolution” status by the North Viet Namese.

Those are just the facts.

And the sourcing is included.

That may be true, but the the photo and the status accorded are independent of one another, unlike what you originally posted.

No…they are not.

[quote=“flike”]Christ, right-click on TC’s pic, select properties, and you’ll see it comes from I think it was in the same issue as the monkey boy born to a white girl who’s b/f was named Tyrone and who thought she … :loco:

Now, see all that vitriol you’ve all wasted? What more do you need to know, fer chrissakes?

Why would anybody read that kind of lurid crap? TC, you might try to cut out the and cites due to the overall looniness factor they ‘offer’ to forumosa forums - just saying.

Oh, and you too, fred smith! ( is one you sometimes reach out to when you’re desperate for some kind of documentation, any kind of documentation, we know, we know…oh yeah, and the NYT and Jayson Blair and CBS and the Leftist Media, we know, we know…)


[quote=“TainanCowboy”]flike…admit it…you got nothin’

I even included instructions on how to Google for multiple sourcing…lol

You got nothin’. :sunglasses:[/quote]

I forgot to add

No…they are not.[/quote]
Really? Then find me the part in the caption on that photo that says anything about John Kerry. Go on, I dare you. 'cause Christ knows I see absolutely no part that even vaguely resembles the words “John Kerry”. If it was there to “honor” John Kerry as a contributor to the cause, why would they not mention him by name? Oh, of course, everyone knew who John Kerry was before his presidential nomination, they didn’t need to! :unamused:

Captions to that photo:

[quote]“Mr. Do Muoi, Secretary General of the Vietnam Communist Party met with Congressmen and Veterans Delegation in Vietnam (July 15-18, 1993)”

"Camarade Do Muoi – Secr

The election’s over. Why don’t all the rumor mongers crawl back under the slimy rocks that they oozed out from under.