John Wick is the greatest action movie hero EVER


The fights in these deals just get more and more stupefying.
I was just watching Ch 2 again, and he’s in this brawl, wielding a shotgun, and goes to shoot a guy and it clicks, he’s out of ammo.
So, because he’s John motherfucking WICK, he shoves the barrel up against the guy’s chest (at first I thought he was actually going to impale the guy on it) and pins him to the wall.
Then, with his other hand, he reaches into his pocket and gets a shell, loads it, jacks the slide, and BOOM!

Friggin unbelievable, man.


One of the few violent action movies (sagas?) that my wife enjoyed. The action is just so well done.


This description is enough for me to add this to my watch list.

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Much to learn, you still have.


I’ve yet to see it. The cockney rhyming slang put me off.


Wait, you guys haven’t seen chapter 2, or neither of the two movies? (well, 3 now)


I’ve seen none of them. I generally avoid anything with Keanu Reeves.


Feelsbadman. The first one is amazing, I was a bit skeptical but I’m so glad I watched it at the cinema. The second one is…well, more of the same, which is for the most part good. They created some very interesting lore around the character of John Wick, not what you’d expect to see in a run-of-the-mill revenge movie.


John Wick is a low budget B action movie that turned into a hit. There is no CGI and Keanu does most of the action scenes even in the fights.

The movie was made the old school way, maybe that’s some of the appeal.


It definitely helps, you don’t get the feeling of watching a cartoon. Another one that comes to mind is Mad Max: Fury Road, all the action scenes are real and the limited cgi here and there isn’t too obnoxious.
If John Wick had him flying around using strings and cgi effects in every fight, it would look like hot trash.

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Comics are also quite good.


What?!? He’s one of his generation’s greatest actors!


Never mind them, they’re just doing that thing where whatever the cool kids think, they say the opposite, because it makes them feel like they’re cool. But everyone knows they really aren’t. :wink:


I didn’t realise I’d entered the Keanu Reeves fan club - Taiwan chapter.

I suppose he does a reasonable job within a very limited range. He’s supposed to be a nice guy and very easy to work with.


Yeah, any hater can cherry pick…

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OK, I ran a search for “Keanu Reeves best acting”:

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You know, Keanu only ever has the nicest things to say about you, man.

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I’ve posted generally positive opinions about the man. I’ve linked examples of his acting.