Johnny Depp trying to escape Taiwan?

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I mean, maybe if Johnny Depp was de-aged by 30 years… and then still just a little resemblance.

Saw this nutter on the news earlier. No idea what his deal is.

probably a failed beg packer. this is what happens when they don’t get their flight money.

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It’s an interesting tactic, but it’s never going to work.

A few very lucky stowaways have survived. But I think like 80% either freeze to death or fall out during take off/ landing.


A “foreign trespasser.”

Oh my God!


Climbing on planes!

The creative travel beggars in Hk sell jewellery, pose in heroic costumes for photos and plays all kinds of music and illusionary tricks for vitamin M to the next destination.

I think some white people when they come here, perhaps as part of their first visit to Asia, have some misconception that Asia is some sort of anything goes adventure playground, where you can do any old crazy thing, then tell all your friends about it back home. What else could explain this sort of stupidity?

Something very weird, though, is that he wasn’t dressed like one of them, or like any kind of drifter.
He was wearing all matching tactical wear stuff, almost like a uniform, which ain’t exactly cheap.
Also, up til now, he hasn’t spoken a word and they have no way of knowing where he’s from.

If they do manage to not get pizza’d by the landing gear and they don’t freeze, won’t they asphyxiate at altitude anyways??

Well it’s kind of true in places like Thailand but not so much Taiwan even though some people do make it happen.

Usually. There are a couple who have survived. One guy said he went into a frozen trance and said that helped him survive since he didn’t need as much oxygen.

An article about a guy who survived a flight from Johannesburg to London.

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2 or 3 have fallen from the skies in London on Heathrow approach frozen to death.

Something to do with him bring white ? A crazy guy trying to jump on a plane to Palau
Why ?

Apparently this is actually a thing. As long as you don’t die of hypothermia, the low temperature actually helps you survive the lack of oxygen.


Most interesting part is that there is no record of his entry. So he allegedly smuggled in successfully.

Now the questions are how and why…:ponder:

Spy? Political? Industrial espionage? Run of the mill missing a few marbles paranoid? Must have $$$… I know! Casing the joint for another bank/atm robbery.

Decided to go straight to the mattresses on race here. Was it justified? Questionable … you have me there. Can I mention something which led me to the above rather extreme position: the other say I did see a tourist riding around with his shirt off like it was Bali, doubling a tourist lady friend who was wearing neon coloured frame sunglasses. Admittedly, neither of these is a crime, however one could argue the latter is of the fashion variety.

Jail for this thug

I’m surprised no one in particular has showed up to explain how this is a clear case of white supremacy, and the guy trying to grab an air-lift was projecting his white privilege.
I don’t know whether to feel relieved or disappointed.

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