Joining an amateur baseball team

Ok, things aren’t like they used to be, baseball has gone from a 95% spectator sport to a 99.9% spectator sport, which brings me to the question, can someone help me find one of those rare amateur baseball teams?
I am interested in meeting people with like-minded interests, for me, baseball is my obsession. All the same there is a different dynamic in playing to watching games, although I’m sure I’ll be doing some of the latter.

Replies greatly appreciated!

There actually are a lot of amateur baseball teams. But I’ll need to know which city you are at to be able to make suggestions. In Taiwan amateur baseball teams (the better ones) are called 乙組棒球 (Yi3 Zu3 Bang4 Qiu2). Usually at cities such as Taipei, there are baseball fields outside of the levees/dikes, and almost every day you can see games going on.

For example:
this is a amateur league based in Taipei.

Another league in Taipei:

some of the leagues in Taipei and Kaohsiong have teams featuring some former professional players.

Great thanks Hansioux! Yes I am in Taipei so this is exactly what I’m looking for. Much appreciated!

Any luck joining a league? I have played Adult Baseball in Philadelphia the past 5 years and have recently moved to Taipei. Would love to play some hardball somewhere!

Any had any luck joining a team? I really want to play some baseball.

I’m looking to play baseball in an adult league. If anyone is currently playing or can show me how to sign up, I would appreciate it. Please PM me. Thanks.

Same here, anyone got on a team yet?

Think we have enough to form a team of of our own?

Been itching to play some ball … :pray: