Joining ROC military as a foreigner?

I am a US citizen and i am planning on moving to Taiwan, i am currently learning traditional Chinese and will be doing a year long language course when i arrive in Taiwan. I would like to know if it is possible to join the ROC military as a foreigner.

There doesn’t seem to be any provision for it in Article 3 here:

The US has some foreign exchange programs. (That’s how Canadian soldiers ended up in Iraq after Canada supposedly refused to participate in the war.)

Not as a foreigner, but if you obtain Taiwanese citizen ship and are under the age cut off you will be drafted.

I’m pretty sure that as an American citizen joining a foreign army is grounds for you to lose your American status.

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You can never loose your American status unless you have a clean tax record and pay the exit fee.
Dual citizens in Israel and Taiwan have always been doing their national service. Strange new fact. You CAN serve in the US army and not be a citizen. You may not even be granted citizenship later. One case is a permanent resident of the USA (Long Term Green Card Holder) got kicked out due to an old crime when he went to renew his green card.
A friend posted this story. Wow… You’d never think…

That’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. Are you planning on after a year marrying or investing or something similar and then beginning a naturalization process before hitting the age restriction? I’m not saying it’s impossible but I’ve never heard anyone who wanted to actually join lol.

I’ve thought about joining in the military in Taiwan, albeit not really seriously at all. I kinda feel like I’m letting everyone down since all my 15 or so uncles and male cousins all served in the military, but I managed to avoid service since I was born in America. It does seem unusual for someone to want to join the military since mandatory service is loathed, but I can understand why some people would actually want to join like if they hate China or something lol.

Well,you probably have to be a Taiwanese citizen

I only know how Chinese or the people come from honkong joining Taiwan military.

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Afaik you can only enter the roca if you are a taiwanese citizen. You can ask at your friendly neighbourhood enlistment office or maybe at the mod itself. But bei prepared for puzzled looks.
I thought about joining the roca for the same reasons too, but you can’t choice the branch and i doubt they would give me me the rank i held in my home country.

Die you read barbarian at the gates? It’s a nice read although a little outdated.

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Act of Military Service for Volunteer Enlisted Soldiers

Article 3
Owing to the military needs of the national defense, the following persons may volunteer to participate in the selection, receive and pass the basic training, and serve as Volunteer Enlisted Soldiers:
1.Being inducted to take Standing Soldier Service in the military camp or Substitute Services.
2.Reserve Service of Standing Soldier or reserve draftees of Substitute Service.
3.Other nationals of the statutory age.
People from Mainland China and Hong Kong, Macao residents shall make household registration in Taiwan for more than 20 years before they may participate in the selection of the Volunteer Enlisted Soldiers.
The selection of Volunteer Enlisted Soldiers shall consider the military required expertise; their selection criteria, procedures, and the recruit course, training, assessment and withdraw of training, conditions to continue service and other relevant issues shall be determined by the Ministry of National Defense.

Act of Commission for Officers and Noncommissioned Officers of the Armed Forces Commission Act for Officers and Noncommissioned Officers of the Armed Forces

Article 15
A Military Officer who encounters the following situation will be stripped off from his rank:
I - Has been sentenced due to crime or has been deprived from his civil rights.
II - Loss his citizenship of the Republic of China.
The Officer’s Rank can be restored when the reason for stripping a rank stated on the Item-1 is eliminated.

Act Of Military Service System
Article 28
Reserved Military Men that have one of the following situations, their Reserved Military Men identity will be cancelled.
1- Separated according to the law.
2- Exempted from Service according to the law
3- Restricted from Service according to the law.
4- Restored to Service according to the law.
5- Loss of Citizenship of the Republic of China.