Jojoba oil

Is it available here? If so, where could one buy some?

Have you tried the usual suspects, i.e. Bodyshop, Aveda, etc.?

Theres a wholesaler chemical company who has all the different oils down off of Chung Ching Bei Rd near the train station. They are much cheaper than places like Body shop.

Excellent! You go, Panda!
Gotta go over to that area soon about an Article 51 permit anyway, might as well make it worthwhile.

I’ll check it out, and if I find anything I’ll try to remember to get a card and post the details here.

Ok ironlady. Here’s the addy but you have to be able to speak chinese at this place.

First chemical co. ltd. with their website.
tel 2558-1690
43 Tien sway Rd.

I’ll see if I can rustle up some Chinese ability, then.

I did check Body Shop and while they had some containers of expensive body lotion that contained jojoba oil, they didn’t have the straight oil, which is what I need. :cry:

Well, onward to the next one. Thanks for the address – I was despondent about my chances of locating it.

What is jojoba oil good for?

hmm, this place looks a lot like Tealit
My Girlfriend also needs Jojoba.
Let me know how it goes!

It can be used to moisturize extremely long hair (well, any hair, actually, but it’s more of an issue in longer hair.) I’m sure it has other uses as well.