Jolly Brewery + Restaurant - Pub and Thai food in Neihu

Hey this place looks great (excellent decor) and the Thai food is excellent (I have eaten at many in Taipei).

Can you believe it finally a BREW PUB!!! I think they are the first brew pub in Taiwan! I tried their Weiss Beer, the Pils and their Pale Ale! I thought they were all excellent!!

Anyone know of any other brew pubs! I want more fresh beer!

Highly recommend you guys making your way out there. Not sure, the address. Minchuan East Rd. and I think the cross street is Kang Ning Rd??? Someone help me out here if you know the restaurant I am referring to.

Does the beer have alcohol in it? I’m sure it does but I remember a few years ago there was a restaurant called Macro Brussels across from Daan park. They had these gorgeous copper vats on display when you walked in. The vats were real but could only produce non-alcoholic beer as the Taiwanese government had not yet opened up the market to micro-breweries. The restaurant jumped the gun by about 2 years though and eventually closed.

Now that I recal it, the government granted a free brew licences last year to restaurants in taipei. I guess this is one of the first to open. Great. How about that address. What’s the section? I work on Minquan East Rd sec. 2. This pub could become my new home. Sure sounds like it beats Starbucks after work.

Jolly Thai Food and Malty Drink
No. 423 JinHu Rd. Neihu, Taipei

Well worth the taxi ride or drive if you are coming from Taipei! Don’t be put off by the funny name, this is top rate place with excellent interior design, food and beer, yes with alcohol.

Could anyone name any other brew pubs? They changed the laws after WTO. Same rules that are allowing in that communist brew Qingdao. :wink:

On Hobart’s recommendation, I went there tonight. Very nice decor, but I don’t think it qualifies as a pub. Yes, there is a bar, but it doesn’t look like it’s used very much. The beers are good. The manager, Chris Lan, was very friendly and plied me with free samples of their beer. All of their brewing equipment is imported from Canada, and according to Chris, there are no other micro breweries/restaurants in northern taiwan, although she knows of one in Kaohsiung. In my opinion, the Pilsener and the Pale Ale were the best of the three beers they have on tap. The Weiss was ok, but not to my taste. Prices are very reasonable. 550ml of beer will set you back only $150NT. The food is also reasonable. Most dishes are in the $200NT range, although there are a few offerings in the 100 and 300 range. My food was spicier than what I usually get in Taiwan’s Thai restuarants, but I only ordered two dishes. The desserts looked tempting and they’re quite cheap, also.

Apparently they’ve been in business for only 2 months. Give them a try if you’re in the area. As Hobart said they’re at #423 Jinhu Road, right at the intersection where Minquan, Kangning, Chenggong and Jinhu Roads meet. To get there from Taipei, take Minquan past Costco for about 4 kms. Also on the same intersection is a Swensens, a Royal Host, and a Cafe Chicco d’Oro.

Thanks Hobart, for the heads up. :smiley:

They’re worth a visit

woooaaahhh! That’s like walking distance from my place. Having drank beer all my life I have a very high opinion of my highly-tuned appreciation for the frothy nectar and will report back either blessing or dooming this place post-haste.

Gravedigging - ain’t it grand? I know this thread is 2 years old, but this looks like an interesting place to try out. Does anyone know if it’s still open? I’ve never heard of it.

The address sounds close to Alleycat’s Neihu, so perhaps you could check tomorrow night? Assuming you’re heading to the HH that is.

I’m going to “try” to get out to the HH, I’m still not sure yet though. 2-4-1 drinks would be good. :slight_smile:

We almost ate there the other day, except that when we arrived there 20 minutes before opening time (with the front doors already open), they wouldn’t let us wait at the more comfortable chairs and tables, instead directing us to the uncomfortable wooden bench in the waiting area. We pointed out the discrepancy and they just shrugged. So much for basic hospitality!

The is now a Jolly Brew Pub near the Nanjing MRT station. Almost right across from Hooters. Same beer but I was in too much of a rush to check out if the menu is the same. Oh, wiat, the brochure I picked up says Malty beer and Italian food. So I guess it’s a little different.

More fresh brewed beer in the heart of the city. Yeehaw.

Room B, No 29 Qingcheng St. Just exit the MRT station on that back road and go straight a block.

Dragonbabe and I went back there a few weeks later, and had a nice Thai dinner, in a nice atmosphere, but didn’t try the beer. It’s right on the intersection of Minquan W. Rd. and Kangning Rd., just a few hundred meters east of the tunnels; since Minquan is a very fast road, it’s definitely worth the trip for anyone living in Neihu; also very accessible for folks in Donghu, Xizhi and Nangang.

Went to new jolly on qingcheng street. tried all their beers and in my opinion, best ones are their new scottish ale (7% alchohol) and pale ale.

least favorite was the weiss beer- thought it was overpowered by sourness.

order of most favorite to least favorite (personal opinion only)

pale ale/scottish ale (tie)

they will be happy to give you free samples of all 5, just ask.

As Mucha Man said, there is another branch (other than the NeiHu location) on the opposite of the alley from Hooters, Joyce, and Living Bar. This location has “Italian” cuisine rather than Thai.

As other posters have noted, the beer is ok but hopefully they will continue to improve. The food is basically pasta and pizza for main courses (NT$200-NT$3**). However, we ordered about 6 appetizers instead. Some were good (sausages with sauerkraut, cheese platter, grapefruit salad) while others were so-so (prosciutto with melon) and quite bland.

Service was friendly and attentive.

There are two tables and 3 benches outside, with about 5 or 6 seats at a bar with open windows to the restaurant. The bar seats are fun because you are outside while sitting at a bar. The interior of the restaurant is rather non-descript however.

BUT, I would still recommend this place, as it is fun to sit outside and enjoy the great weather we have been having, while enjoying a Taiwan Microbrew. Not great - but good.

[quote=“elektronisk”]As Muzha Man said, there is another branch (other than the Neihu location) on the opposite of the alley from Hooters, Joyce, and Living Bar. This location has “Italian” cuisine rather than Thai.
Can you see the Hooter’s girls from there?

Unfortunately no. But there are a few… at the restaurant.

I love this restaurant! We eat here quite a bit. Love their sweet & sour beef and green papaya salad and like a pp said the new Scots ale is great. If you want to go on a weekend though you better make a reservation.

Went to Jolly on QingChen Jie (near Hooters) last night and their interior has had a complete revamp. It feels much more like a brew pub now, with giant beer vats behind the relocated and very large bar counter, nicely done. Same beer and food menu. Like the atmosphere alot better now.

I just found this place last weekend and was pretty impressed.

The beers are quite good (the pale ale and the stout especially) and the cocktails weren’t too bad either.

food was decent thai stuff

it’s quite a nice place to eat and have a few beers in the evenings, you can sit outside on benches too.

service was excellent, it was a saturday night and although there were a few people there it wasn’t too busy

Good on you for resurrecting this.

You bastards in Taipei are so damned spoiled for choices you let this lapse?


[quote=“Huang Guang Chen”]Good on you for resurrecting this.

You bastards in Taipei are so damned spoiled for choices you let this lapse?


Yes sir, we are. Jolly was great, and it’s near us (VERY near us) but we just have so many good places here that we haven’t eaten at Jolly in a couple years. Weird. Well, we also love to cook for ourselves too.

Thanks for reminding us – I want to go back and try their beers. :smiley:

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