Jon Stewart's statement for the hearing of the 9/11 first responders bill

I can’t believe they still haven’t made sure these heroes would get all the care and assistance they need…

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Historically, the US farks over the military and civilian heroes.

I like that JS is the adult in the room.

A Bonus for World War I Veterans

May 02, 1922

A Bonus for World War I VeteransImage courtesy of Library of CongressThis image features a Hearst newspaper truck from New York City delivering a petition to the Capitol bearing more than one million signatures in support of a bonus for World War I veterans.

On this date, a Hearst newspaper truck from New York City delivered a petition to the Capitol bearing more than one million signatures in support of a bonus for World War I veterans. Momentum had been building for several years for the federal government to compensate servicemen for the difference they lost between pay in the military versus their civilian jobs. The document simply read: “We respectfully petition Congress to pass the soldiers’ bonus act without further delay, and also to levy a sales tax to obtain the money to pay the bonus.” A delegation of House and Senate Members, led by Lester D. Volk of New York and Hiram Johnson of California, accepted the petition on the central steps of the East Front. Inside the House Chamber, the reception was markedly cooler. Representative Walter Lineberger of California, who supported the bonus, nevertheless dismissed the petition ceremony as a “pageant” intended to “commercialize or politicize patriotism.” Lineberger claimed newspaper publisher William Randolph Hearst orchestrated the event to boost the re-election prospects of Senator Johnson. Hearst had used his newspapers as powerful outlets to oppose U.S. intervention in World War I. Now Lineberger pilloried the Hearst chain, “whose slimy trail of pro-Germanism and traitorous utterances . . . [carried] on the nefarious work of opposing the war and obstructing the path to victory,” for positioning itself as servicemen’s advocate. Congress passed a bonus in 1922 but President Warren Harding vetoed it. After passing another bonus bill, Congress overrode the veto of President Calvin Coolidge in May 1924 and the measure was enacted. The payment—which provided veterans $1.25 per day for service overseas and $1 per day for domestic service—was deferred by the law until 1945. The issue was reopened in the early 1930s, when cash-strapped veterans suffering the effects of the Great Depression marched on Washington to demand an immediate payment.

I’m sure we can find a more recent instance than 1922.

On a side note, this video made me realize how much I miss Jon Stewart.

Then why don’t we?

We already clap when we see them on a plane in uniform and say ‘thank you for your service’ on social media. What more do they want?

This is Millennial Irony in lue of substance, yes?

Some might still be wanting insurance for the cancers they picked up doing their jobs. If they’re not dead already.

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There are cancer clusters for people who went back to work in the area after 9/11.

Government doesn’t like heroes, it prefers hapless clients.

This is why we have VA scandals.

Any situation where the government pays for health care is socialized medicine. I like this.

We really traded down when we swapped Jon Stewart for unfunny Trevor Noah.


Jon is much better for sure. Much much better. And he can turn it from being funny to being serious and right to the point.

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Sure. That’s the takeaway here. :roll:

What takeaway? I’m not replying to you or any of your inane points. Your discussion about whatever is in its own separate bubble away from my own musings.

I would like to have seen and heard the response after he finished. What could they possibly say after that?

oh! for a muse of fire that would ascend the brightest heaven of invention …

Jon Stewart ruined late night television by perfectly blending politics and humor in a way that everybody else tries but fails. It’s like seeing kids in the park try to shoot from midcourt because they saw Steph Curry to do the same thing.

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Jon Stewart did it so well because he really really cares.

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It takes a person with passion to get there and speach. It takes a person with life sacrificing passion to do it without losing his shit amd at least dropping a few curse words. Well managed and well controlled. I couldnt hold myself that well. Bravo

Though the states is shockingly embarrassing with the whole taking care of their own situation. Why are they so loyal? Its like the old english whem they couldnt pay their sailors…