Jpg files for chinese characters

can anyone advise me how to find chinese characters as jpg or gif files…i’m doing a web-page and want to put my chinese name in but obviously it won’t display unless pc is chinese enabled…even better do me a xiong and you’ll get a free credit on my page!

Try typing the characters you want into an image in Photoshop or something like that, using the text tool, and saving the result. That also works in the little paint program that is included in windows, I just tried it.

yes that’ll work at a squeeze…

yesh well…only prob. is file is bmp and netscape won’t support bmp…have to convert to jpg or gif…

For some unfathomable reason, the graphics program included in MS Windows can only save files as jpg or gif if you have Office installed - otherwise it can only save them as bmp. Fortunately there is a nice little free program that can solve this problem for you. Click here: Giffy. It’s not ad/spyware. Enjoy.

thanx for that benz…will make life a lot easier for me…

A lot of online dictionaries have characters displayed with graphics.

This is my favorite because there’s good search methods and lots of information displayed. When you find the character you want just right click on it and save the picture.