.js files

I have a bunch of pages that I try to keep consistent but I make little changes every few days and use Find/Replace in Frontpage.

I’d like to use a .js file so that I can just revise this one file, and have all my pages updated, but before I make all these changes, are there any browsers that don’t support java script? Not sure if this matters but I also use lots of tables within tables. (No longer a newbie but I’m like one of those people who wants to put everything she’s learned into her very first homepage.)

I’ve also been thinking about using one of the ‘includer’ scripts but am not sure where it’s more appropriate… for the navigation part of the pages which I still change sometimes, or should I start with a blank/template ‘story’ page and then ‘include’ the contents of the story.

I hope that makes sense. Still trying to figure out which is more efficient.

My Taipei Baby

are there any browsers that don’t support java script?

Yes, lynx, etc. Plus a lot of folks keep it off for better control of
their computer. See www.anybrowser.org and
news:comp.infosystems.www.authoring.html or browse that group with
groups.google.com . My website is now back to basics after an early
affair with (shudder) FrontPage.