Judo / jitsu taipei

Hi guys, are there any judo clubs in Taipei. If not then how about jitsu clubs. I am really missing being on the mat. Cheers, Pete

There is a place were you can go in Taipei. DO a search for it as I don’t have the name and the person who I know is closely tied to it is out for the CNY holidays.

Best of luck :rainbow:

There’s mad Judo all over the place, but it might be hard to find with out searching things Chinese style. For Judo, National Taiwan University ( www.taiwanbjj.org . They (we :slight_smile:) do Brazilian Jujitsu, Judo and stuffs there. There’s a forum there as well, if you register you can ask the guys. There’s some guys there that are all about some Judo. Hope that helps.