Juice Stands

Over the past coupla weeks I’ve gotten into these juice stands around the city. Every morning I still get a cup of $35 coffee at DOMO, but I’ve discovered fruit juices are pretty good.

My current fave is papaya milk. Also I’ve tried kiwi juice, and cranberry juice. It’s a notch up from bubble tea, I’m sure. :smiley:

I go for the apple and lemon.

My favourite: banana and strawberry milk. But only in JingMei… at that one stand… with the cute laoban. :slight_smile:

Another favourite: carrot and pineapple juice. But only in JingMei… at that… :smiling_imp:

I really like that passion fruit green tea stuff. Very refreshing. I started making it myself at home with some good tea and a passion fruit concentrate from a local convenient store. Tastes even better than at our juice shop in the hospital.

I moved to Taiwan for the watermellon juice.

I’m going to try all the ones you suggested.

I had the avocado milk last night. It was actually quite yummy. (My cat lurved it too.)

At some lemon/lime juice stands I know the girls say “ni hao” but in such a high voice it really sounds like they are meowing like a cat. I go there.

I love papaya milk! hmmmmm

Banana and apple, no sugar.

Tried the passion fruit green tea, ratlung. Very nice indeed.

Tried the fresh watermelon juice. It was awesome. Chunks of watermelon with seed blended up. No sugar, no water. Well worth the money.

Hey, that’s my favorite too. But I worry about the water my local stand uses. Should I take a sample and pass it on for testing? :laughing: