June 10th, Post Home, 2 Acres Plowed, Taco Bell and Hot Sauc

Howdy all,

June 10th starting at 6pm 2 Acres Plowed is finally coming to Taipei. We’ll be playing at the Post Home in Tien-mu. I’m bringing 3 Taco Bell Dinner kits for drawings, 3 bottles of killer Hot Sauce for “Who Knows What” and we’ll be playing a lot of great Country Music.

Band finishes at 7:30, then it’s open jamming time so bring your axe, bongos, banjo or spoons and join in. Post Home will be Non-Smoking except for their Virginia Smoked Ham (not that’s awesome).

See you there and be sure to check out our website at www.2acresplowed.com

Wish I could stay make it for this because:

  1. I love Country Music
  2. It’s hard to find Country Music in Taiwan (especially since I’m in Changhua)
  3. The Post Home is such a nice venue.

Sounds like a great combination for a fun night.


Yeah, that comedy show looks pretty good as well. Sadly being a Taoyuan boy makes it tough. You be sure to catch us the next time we play there.

Oh, and I must ad for all that don’t know, “NO COVER” , 2 Acres Plowed is just happy to play (no it doesn’t mean we suck, just means we don’t mind playing for fun and the occasional beer… lol )

If you don’t know the Post Home you can search here on Forumosa or check out their main website at www.posthome1.com.

See you soon

Been asked to clarify the Taco Bell Dinner thing.

It’s a Taco Bell Dinner kit. That means a box that has 10 Taco shells, Taco Bell Seasoning, and a bit pack of Taco Bell Taco Sauce. You just need 1lb of Ground Beef and your good to go.

Also, hot sauces on tap will be:
100% Pain
Spontaneous Combustion
Dave’s Ultimate Insanity

Lastly, I was up at the Peacefest Saturday and a lot of great players said they’d be stopping in for the 7:30 jam after our show. Gonna be great so all you players (music I mean) bring your guitars, fiddles, spoons, harps or squealing Pig and join us. Gonna be fun.

See Ya’ll there.

Sound like fun!

Hey, thanks for all that showed up. It was great fun and the open jam was a blast. We really look forward to coming back to the Post Home to play again and welcome any other offers from Taipei. Love that country crowd.

See Ya’ll Soon,

A blast indeed. You and that fish fellow were great!
A good night. Specially getting my arse schooled by Joesax. He sure can blow.
Fantastic burgers, too.

I think the highlight was watching sandman play along to Britney Spears! :laughing:

The things I miss being in a different city. Damn…

Sounds like an invitation to a road show. We’re in for the end of July or early August…