Just a few reasons why I live in Taiwan

I wrote a short article maybe some of you can relate.


Nice article, but I disagree about number 2. Some great cafes here, but I think the coffee culture is still better in Vietnam and Japan.

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No one would have you anywhere else?

Don’t worry, it happened to a lot of us.


Kinda mean, but it made me chuckle.

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Yeah Vietnamese coffee is unbeatable. I haven’t been since 2010. I’m wondering what’s changed.

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China certainly wouldn’t have me. I couldn’t get a visa back in 2013, which is one reason why I’ve been here so long.


Just a joke
You live there because you lost your passport ?

I think the coffee culture and cafes are so cool.
But the actual coffee is way better in Taiwan :grin:

Im a sucker for vn cofee with too much condensed milk tho…


Yeah it’s very cool but then I wouldn’t drink it everyday…If you like it though…:sunglasses:
I love Hanoi coffeeshops just fantastic.

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