Just arrived to Taipei

I am fluent English speaker and speak very basic mandarin. Currently I am trying to land a teaching job asap within a months time period . Problem is I only have an Associates with a TEFL cert from a online course. I been sending out my resume to numerous schools and have much no luck with the responses. Only one was from HESS which my application was declined. I am not particularly rooting for a teaching gig in Taiwan and assumed would be the easiest work to find because I speak very basic mandarin. Would anyone know of suitable jobs for ABCs?

Clearly you are fluent in English… /s
But it is also clear that you are sloppy in your writing.

Clearly you won’t be able to find a job teaching… ABC :no-no:

Tough question. Don’t have the advantage of being fluent in both language.

A. your resume could be horrible. Not many people actually know how to make a great resume even if they think they do.
B. Are you calling and following up after you send the resume?

I say this because, I’m a ABC without a degree teaching. I found a gig in 2 weeks.

Where is your passport from?

I have a dual citizenship…US/Taiwan.

I have a dual citizenship…US/Taiwan.[/quote]

  1. People will reach you. Otherwise, military duty :ponder: ? Might as well spend some time brushing up on language, earning some money as a 替代役.

I’m just being realistic with my advice, not a jerk. You’re gonna need to work illegally. I knew an eastern European guy who told a buxiban he was Irish, they believed him and it worked out for him. You can get away with working illegally here for long periods of time. But if the ‘man’ shows up, just run! Good luck. (Yeah, I saw the ABC thing in the OP’s post).