Just bought 125 sent it back the engine was frozzen

Yep I confirm, mid life crisis got to me. Going 38 next month. Next is the jet ski… (Will hurt my ribs again.)

How much?
I’d love to get one.

MX bikes are a hoot. Big problem is how you mount a skid plate on that model. Going over logs is part of the thrill of singletrack. Nothing like a wheelie then the skid plate smacking the log and you and the moto sliding forward and you trying to get the front wheel back down before you fall sideways … all in a matter of seconds.

Estie que t’é québécois !!! j’ai plein d’amis chez nous qui font la même affaire!..haha

Quess que tu veux, attend, tu vas voir, ca vas t’arriver aussi. Mais toi ca vas surment etre un avion. :wink:

Well, that’s a heap of crap. Look at it! Doesn’t even have any lights. Or a speedo! :wink:

That is a gorgeous looking machine. I envy you.

Looks cool on the picture but mine is old and pink. Ha ha ha. It’s going to the paint shop for sure. ( A pink motocross I hope that the guy who taught of that got fired) :wink:

Sent it back, the engine (a new rebuilt) was just frozzen. No way to start it. Fuck that shit. will look for an other one. Anyway my ribs will take at least 3 more months to heal, so I got time to find an other one.