Just bought new gas

It went from NT$680 to NT$720.

I told him he better bring some Pi Jo next time and TaiTai is still bitching at him…LOL!

Get natural gas piped in. It’s a million times more convenient and I’m pretty sure it’s significantly cheaper.

Sure, they have to drive all the way down to Tainan … move north

How much do you clowns pay?

Nothing, I cook on an electric plate and take cold showers … :slight_smile:

NT$680 a week ago, but that seems likely to change.

I’m pretty sure if it was any cheaper it would be more common. Apart from in apartment buildings, I haven’t seen this. I didn’t notice any savings when I moved from a house to an apartment.

Connecting to the pipe will set you back about 30,000 NT$ to start with …

NT 30 000 is about 10 years of gas for me. We don’t cook much and the water is heated by the sun.

Just paid 8.40NT today, 20Kg cylinder, 5th floor, no elevator, Taipei county.

My bill for natural gas is less than NT$500 per month - which is very cheap for all the hot water and cooking for two people.

I paid something like NT$38,000 for all the piping etc. when I bought my place five years ago, and I consider it to have been worth every penny.

You can thank ExxonMobil for that… they keep raising fuel prices cause its profitable for them to do so. Then there’s the crap in the middle east. It would be in everyone’s best interest to stop depending on fossil fuel so those guys in the middle east can go back to herding camels…

I’d say build 3 more nuclear plants in Taiwan and watch our electricity rate decline to less than 1NT per KwH.