Just bought pellet cat litter by mistake

Damn it, I thought I was getting 2 bags of Cat’s Best Litter for cheaper than the box, but it turned out to be Universal litter, which is pellets.

So far Mitts hasn’t used it (only been a few hours) and also seems weirded out by the pellets.

This stuff was expensive (500 nt for 2 bags) but I only needed to use one. Then I read the bag and apparently this stuff is really Earth friendly, no smell, blah, blah, blah.

Does anyone else use pellets?
How do you scoop with pellets?
At what time should I “call it quits” on the pellet litter if he doesn’t use it?

I hate making my cat annoyed as he’s been such a good little guys about NEVER using anything other than his box. I don’t want him to start an “I hate you, Mom” war whereby he starts pooping and peeing outside the box…And maybe I’m just a little overprotective of my only baby :wink:

What’s the alternative to pellets? That stuff that looks like sand? My kitty litter is clumping, so I have no problems with the scooping and fluching bit. How’s Mitts doing?

I think most people use some version of sand. I always have, and usually the clumping kind.

This pellet stuff is like what people use for rabbits. this stuff is supposed to be “universal” in that you can use it for rabbits, birds, and cats! It’s weird.

Mitts appears to have accepted it for pee, as he’s done that. But no poo yet. I think I’ll give it another day and if he doesn’t go, the litter is out.

I also looked and it doesn’t appear that you can scoop it, so it must just be a use for a bit and then throw it all out. On a positive note, there is no train of sand across my living room like there usually is and there is no smell at all.

Is that the white crystal stuff you’re talking about? That stuff is brilliant! Twice the price but lasts 4 times as long, and NO SMELL.
I jsut got a load in and noticed it has English instructions. You don’t scoop it – there’s no need, as it’s so absorbent. You just pick out the feces and use them in sandwiches.
It also says that if the cat’s reluctant to use it you can sprinkle a thin layer of the normal sand over the top until the cat gets accustomed to it.
It’s SO much more convenient than regular sand, and you can just toss the used stuff down the drain or even onto your compost heap, apparently.

My stuff looks like pellets, but it’s clumping and very easy to scoop and flush down the toilet. But now this super-absorbent stuff has got me more excited than I’ve ever been since the 80’s ended. White crystal? What is this? Could you hook me up with your dealer?

It’s bentonite-based. I was getting it in RTMart for a while but they no longer seem to have it so the last lot I got at that pet supply place in Gongguan, kind of across the street from Riverside pub, kind of.

I try to use litter that environmentally better than the cheap sand. I have tried the wood pellets, and it’s good for the smell and the environment…but some cats don’t like it.

I found this lovely German litter that is clumpable and natural and the smell is not so bad. It’s called Oktoplus and it’s about $380 a bag, but it lasts for a long time. I buy mine at Pet’s World. There’s a clumping and a non-clumping one but I recommend the clumping one! After trying dozens of litter, I found that this is the best in terms of smell, likeabilty for the cats, and it’s long-lasting.

By the way, adding some baking soda powder to your litter greatly helps with the smell!