Just couldn't make this stuff up! Internet Image Copied For Passports And It's the Wrong One...

MOFA have finally admitted that their fancy new passports actually include an image of a US airport which their “designers” copied from the internet instead of Taoyuan airport. Recall underway. If I had one I think I’d hold onto it.

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it is just getting boring now
Every day or so, something similar.
As long as people stay unpunished, we will see this kind of things forever

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This sounds like it would make a cool collector’s item. The sleaziest part is that after they got caught, they tried to blame the mistake on the printing company. If this is how they manage Taiwan’s foreign relations, no wonder things are so effed up.


I would frame that passport with this nice frame



always the same -
always someone to blame -

we have the generation copycats, the university professors with degree in plagiarism, the scientist-doctors discovering things which already exist, new events which have been there for a long time in different societies …
but for the MASS … it is fine

ps: one pretty funny i saw some time ago— went to the led lighting show in taipei this year and the big printed logo they use was exactly the same than the one at the HK lighting show 2015— it strucks me as i was present at that show too



So what images should they have used? Let’s see…a binlang girl? kawaii-style beggars? one of those bears? an old lady pushing a recycling cart? rows of slums with laundry hanging from the burglar bars? scooters? Oh wait, I know! the Thai royal barge.



was thinking more of a Halo kitty with a broken LED bulb in her paws

Was in Okinawa and a random Taiwanese guy started chatting up my friend in Mandarin about the beer he was drinking. My friend is obviously a westerner and the only thing we could think of why the guy would think/know my friend speaks Chinese…my friend was wearing his blue/white slippers! Has to be the reason!


You’ve just proved that blue/white sandals are the “diplomat’s sash” of Taiwan!

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No, first they deny it. Then they shift responsibility.

They often rush jobs and never ask for second opinions. If there are mistakes, there is no way even to denounce them, give a warning. The ones on lower levels have no power if decision to make changes and if a superior officer has decided it is OK, even when it is not, there is nothing to be done. Moreover, the ones who spotted a mistake will be the ones punished. Sometimes the bosses are in cahoots with the ones making the stuff, sometimes it is just a face thing. Anyways, there is a lot of money to spread around, right? Wrong: for this pet project, stuff like salaries and personnel will be cut.


I’ve seen this happening so many times…


Your dispatch comes from the belly of the beast, giving it that extra ring of truth.

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Oops. It’s gone international.


Now somebody is getting fired

See how it plays: create an international scandal, just to piss off certain people and shoe them who is really calling the shots in spite of that nonsense of elections. And at the same time you make a boatload of money, ingratiate yourself to the powers that be and get to fire anyone who was dumb enough to be standing near the explosion or tried to warn people about it. Furthermore, this last item will probably give you a raise as you get promoted because you lowered the budget…

I feel that lazy incompetence is a far more likely culprit than conspiracy, Icon.


Once, yes. But when you see it happen so…precisely, well, maybe I give them more credit than they deserve, but that there is a mano peluda, there is.

This helps them to push the idea of Taiwanese are stupid, Taiwan is a shame, why fight for it?

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Taiwan is big in IP! Downloading ‘an image’ from the internet to use in an official document?

Haha, love it, so Taiwanese. 差不多就好啦不要想太多厚!