Just couldn't make this stuff up! Internet Image Copied For Passports And It's the Wrong One...


He has his point of view, and I think that he is right as to the rigidity of teh vertical structures and lack of supervision. That he got right.

He is also right in terms of teh endemic “look down” on others, like the example he gives of singing teh praises of a racist icon in a Taiwanese textbook.

A certain prtion of Taiwan people, living abroad or in Taipei, in certain enclaves, think that whoever is elected, all te fighting between blacks and whites, that has nothing to do with them. They live in their bubble and will not be affected. Money protects them. This is that kind of thinking. That from their tower, all is fine cause they say so.


Did Turton not realize that the airport is just one of the images included in the passport? Most of the other images included in the passport by those evil pro-China chauvinists at MOFA are natural scenes from Taiwan …


That doesn’t fit his rabid political narrative, so no


Looks like he removed his highly speculative, seriously tainted post.


It reminded me of those articles about a hurricane or something on Fox News and every comment would be “Thanks Obama”.


or like this . . .