Just couldn't make this stuff up No. 2! USBs given away to promote Taiwan's cybersecurity campaign contain virus


Criminal Investigation Bureau hand out USB’s to promote cyber security, only problem is the USB’s were sourced in China and contain a virus which steals users data and sends it home!


Mr. Chabuduo strikes again . . .

" the bureau has ruled out Chinese espionage, it said, adding that the infection originated from an infected work station at New Taipei City-based contractor Shawo Hwa Industries Co (少華企業). An employee at the company used the affected computer to transfer an operating system to the drives and test their storage capacity, transmitting the malware to 54 units, the bureau said."


Yep, the passport thing obviously wasnt a conspiracy. Same old same old


Maybe it was intentional spying plan by Taiwan that got caught. So now they have to plead stupidity.


Good thinking, then give them as presents to visiting business men from China.


Race to the bottom by having the cheapest bidder. Pay peanuts, get monkeys, all that jazz.


The cause was terrible negligence by the Taipei company, not necessarily the cheap product.


Two major government blunders in a few weeks.

Only took them 10 years to figure out people were dying at the T section down the road from my place. Solution was: delay the red traffic light on the one side by 10 seconds allowing the initial burst of scooters to go first.


They are negligent because they were rushed by the government;s order, they sub contract, they do not pay their employees enough to hire qualified labor, etc… ad nauseum.


Scary stuff, is it the TDS, the Taiwan Death Spiral?