Just cut or gashed myself, can I still give blood tomorrow?

Giving blood is the easiest good deed to do but I have awful luck.
I either forget, get ill and put on banned medication like antibiotics or get banned due to having surgery.
Well, I was all healthy and getting ready to give when I had this minor bike accident that took off a layer or so of skin. Wanna see? I was reluctant to post unless asked. Just coming off a one year ban due to an operation. I have a titanium plate in my arm.

Living? Or living!

I don’t think you should be giving bloor nor posting online until you have, at least, sobered up.


Probably best not to donate given your circumstances.

So this all assumes you still have blood to give, it’s not all over the road somewhere. :thinking:

I say go for it. Tell 'em the titanium just adds minerals.

Seriously, just wondering what the rules are. I know there’s a ban for being on medication and for any operation no matter how minor.
Thought there may be a ban for an open wound that potentially can get infected.
It’s just a small but deep gash at the back of the ankle. Yeah, I’m a bit of a klutz, but don’t, drink party and am humorless and annoyingly over cautious.

Probably fine but always better to wait to make sure there are no infections.

This guy bleed out yet??

Does anyone know if the rule barring donors infected with Britishness still stands?

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I thought they preferred English blood, since it’s thin, cold, and has never moved through a functioning heart?

Sorry, couldn’t help meself.


One of the shocks I got when I moved to Taiwan was discovering that not many people from former colonies like Brits. We’re led to believe back home that we are liked everywhere for our reserved nature and dry, sarcastic sense of humour.

Apparently, this isn’t the case.

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Old scores aside, the fact is, there are other countries (no names here), whose citizens rate quite a bit higher than yours on the old Frankie Boyle Flaming Screaming Cunt-O-Meter®

And, obviously, everybody likes you. :raccoon:

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It does and it’s not just the Brits, the rest of Europe as well (everybody carries mad cow disease, obviously)

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I hear women think the accent is sexy. I know, doesn’t make a whole lot of sense…

It’s ridiculous. More than 30 years ago.

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