Just got a 9 month-old bill!

I can’t believe it!

I just received a phone bill from our friends at Chung Hwa, with calls dated in Feb, March and April of this year! The calls (about 50) appear to be to a cellphone or pager number which is no longer in service.

Do we have any recourse in suggesting that the phone company has gone beyond a reasonable time limit for issuing a phone bill? As some of the calls are 9 months old, it’s going to be a little difficult to justify whether the calls were made, and then to discuss the matter with my housemates (“hey, I remember YOU made those calls…”).

And of course, with the phone bill due, I’m a little worried that our “friends” may not quite understand the issue I’m trying to raise, and simply decide to cut the line if our not-negotiable payment is late.

The bill is for $2700+. Should I just pay it (to keep the line intact) and then try to negotiate?


Yeah, I got sent an old bill from a few months ago. It included overseas phone calls, but no printout of them, and gave me two days to pay. When I wentthere to moan, they told me they must have sent one before and why was I paying it so late and stuff. I don’t think you’ve got any choice. You can either insist you never made the calls (don’t know if that would work) or pay it. I don’t think there’s any point arguing about them sending you the bill so late. They’ll probably just sya that they sent it to you earlier. They’re not really very flexible.