Just got in and it is hotter than a suana

I just got into Taiwan it is so frickin hot here. I mean it feels like a sauna. Why didn’t anyone tell me. I went from 103 degree temperatures to this and I just never expected it to feel like this. I think Satan is sitting next to me right now.

He he! No one mentoned that, eh? :laughing:


It’s pretty cool today given the cloud cover.

Wait till that blows over. :smiling_imp:


Hehe, you’ll acclimatize. It’s not really that hot right now…

And it’s gonna get worse. Pretty soon, You’ll feel like you’re on Venus with a crushing atmosphere. Everything will feel heavier. It;ll be like walking through a thick, invisible soup.

Your pores will get a beating. You’re be taking 4-5 showers, cold showers, and you’ll still sweat.

You’ll turn on the AC, but unaware that AC actually draws moisture from your body.

You’ll stink, your shoes will stink, and you’ll start taking cold showers at lunch hour, but the stink won’t go away.

Your hair will be constantly dripping from sweat like you just got out of the shower, but not a nice shower.

You’ll try to dry yourself, and dry yourself, but you’ll never really be dry. No. because at the moment when you’ve dried yourself, you’ll start sweating again. It’s an itch that cannot be scratched.

Then one day, you’ll fly back home. and when you exit the plane and out the door of the airport into the great outside, you’ll feel as if a great weight, a great invisible, relentless, gripping, slowing, wet weight will have disappeared.

You’ll shout at the heavens in tearful joy.

and you’ll kiss the sweet earth (though at this point you’re still standing on concrete), and finally

you’ll take a huge, clean, light great inhale of fresh air.

and then, you’ll feel fine again.

Hot? Today’s really cool. Get a grip, young man. Wait till we throw more water on the rocks.

Really? I must have acclimatised to well when i feel very comfortable today. It’s only 28 degrees in the centre of town.

I guess all I can offer is be careful and don’t get sun stroke. Most 1st timers usually get sun stroke their first summer in Taiwan.

[quote=“djkonstable”]I just got into Taiwan it is so frickin hot here. I mean it feels like a sauna. Why didn’t anyone tell me. I went from 103 degree temperatures to this and I just never expected it to feel like this. I think Satan is sitting next to me right now.[/quote] I remember saying that; then the guy next to me turned and said, “It’s air conditioned!” I was still in the air port. It’s really not bad today. :laughing:

It’s under 30 today so how is that scorching hot? Oh well, good thing you came now, the end of August, as the really hot weather is finished for the summer.

Hey man, it really isn’t that hot today. Anyway, welcome to Taiwan.


Welcome back my man

Ah, brings back memories of when I first stepped off the plane. I also came in mid-August and I remember waiting outside for the airport bus and sweating like mad even though 1) I was wearing shorts and a T-shirt and 2) it was 6:45AM.

Welcome to Taiwan, djkonstable! :slight_smile: It’s a tad muggy but honestly, it’s not that hot right now. :stuck_out_tongue: It’s just humid. Don’t worry, you’ll get used to it.

I am sure I will get used to it. I just wasn’t expecting this type of humidity. I have been wandering around the city most of the day it has gotten better. I was just really surprised.

But it’s not even that hot today… Oh wait, it’s already been said twenty times. Does that joke have it’s own grave yet?

How we feel about the heat differs from person to person. All I can add is that your body will get slightly better adjusted to the heat as time goes on… But as for your mind… Learn which shops have strong a/c, don’t buy clothes made of polyester as they don’t breathe well, drink plenty of water, don’t drink cold drinks (I know, I know, it sounds stupid and harsh but it is true,) and have nice long cool baths. A shower before bed is a good option too.

Haha I just got here three weeks ago and I am so glad I spent 6 weeks in India (Bombay, HP, Delhi, Chennai…) just prior, as when I got off the plane, I couldn’t believe how not 40 & humid it was.

Today certainly was nice. The new swarm of mosquitoes today is worse, however. The other day when it hit 34 (Friday?) in Taipei was pretty harsh.

But djkonstable, one word of advice–don’t be foolish like me and take a flat that’s on the top of a hill, on 6F with no elevator, and with no aircon to greet you at the top. That’s what you get for $4k here :wink:

Um, actually it wasn’t really that humid today either! :smiling_imp:

No, not that humid or hot. Only turned on the aircon once for a short period to take the dampness out of the air as I was drying clothes. Otherwise, I am sitting here with just a fan blowing on me. When you don’t need the aircon to sleep, it ain’t hot.

Did I mention that it was rather temperate today?