Just got to HsinChu

Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to Introdue myself a little bit. Im a 22 yr old ABC w/ almost no fluency in chinese. I just recently got settled in Hsinchu and have been working in the Science park for a couple of weeks. My boss is finally letting up on my work hours and I was hoping to meet some nice people in these forums who would be interested in showing me around. I have been going to Taipei on the weekends so I dont even know where downtown Hsinchu is.
Thanks in advance! All my coworkers are like 30+ and the ones who are single visit their girlfriends during the weekends so it sux.

Can I ask you some question? Is it possible to get a good pay job without any knowledge in chinese in Taiwan? I’m planning to work there too…I’m an acturian…

Yes, but: go back to Arcturus, you bug-eyed monster. Earth for Earthlings!

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing: I know what I do, I just can’t spell it!
Or maybe he’s having the last laugh – maybe he’s not an actuary at all. Maybe he really is a multidimensional telepathic channeler who’s spent so long with the acturians that he actually believes he’s one himself.
Can’t see much call for them in Hsinchu, though.

Im assuming that if the company wants to hire you then they have the ability to effectively communicate with you. Hsinchu is definately not as foreign friendly as Taipei but people here are preatty well educated so its not bad. The english of most people I have met is limited to one or two word phrases but I have been able to mix that with my chinese to understand what they are saying. if you cant understand a single word of chinese I would tell you to try and impove your listening comprehension. Little words like right, left, hungry, bathroom!!! really help too. WHen you get here let me know and I can help you get oriented, assuming that I am oriented by then.

If you have any specific questions just let me know.

Oh and Im assuming that we dont watch the same scifi and that y i have no clue what an acturian is




Nope, looks like Acturian to me, too.

I used to get paid to be an ing-gin-ear, even though I still can’t spell itt. Maybe someday day I’ll get to Hsinchu.


I’m sorry for the spelling mistake…It is actually actuary…but I use the word actuarian because normal people here especially in canada understand the word actuarian better…by the way, thanks flyingkc for your good advice…I so speak some chinese and taiwanese…but reading and writing will be something impossible for me…

Ohh, don’t be sorry. It was a great typo. Star Trek and statistics in one wrapper. Remember, folks only parody what is important to them.

(or to get a cheap laugh)


Okay, this is how we use the word (at least back in the Klingon Empire we did):