Just how long do I have before I have to get a ARC

I just got here on the first and I want to know how long of a time do i have before i have to have an ARC? I am still interviewing for a job, but there’s a good chance that I got into a school. Hoow long does it take to get an ARC and just how much time will the government give me to get one before I have to leave the country and do a visa run?

An ARC based on teaching can take more than 6 weeks to sort out depending on where it’s issued. First step is the health check. I don’t think you could get the whole process done in under a month but I may be wrong.

As for how much time the government will give you; look at your visa. That’s how much time.

After you obtain a “resident visa” from MOFA BOCA, you must apply for an ARC at the local Foreign Affairs Police Station within 15 days.

You can get the whole process done in under a month. You must know all the fast routes to take though and fine a boss that gives a damn.

It takes me 3 and a half weeks from start to finish for my teachers, I have only had one teacher take a visa trip but that was before I started doing things for myself. Expensive trip for us to pay for, yes, I paid for it.

Med Check - 3 days if you go to the right hospital.
work permit - expect a week or more but don’t ask how quick I can get it done - whoooosh, was that the paper work.
Immigration - 7 working days
ARC - 3 working days, they’ll tell you a week but don’t believe the hype.

bassman…do you know a hospital in taipei that does them that quickly? ren ai takes a week

Mackay Hospital took 3 days for mine.

The whole process for me was less than a month, and I coulda done it slightly less if I had hussled. It all depends on how quickly you can get all the paperwork.

[quote]Mackay Hospital took 3 days for mine.

When was that? They tool a week for me, but that was about 2 1/2 years ago.


[quote=“Bu Lai En”]
When was that? They tool a week for me, but that was about 2 1/2 years ago.[/quote]

It was last December. Could be it was a slow time. There was all of one other patient in there at the time and it wasn’t any busier when I picked up the results.