Just moved here, want to look for snakes and bugs but unsure where to start

I thought the same when I found out.

It’s a Japanese brand, don’t be surprised.

I’ll definitely give it a try, nothing has worked all that well so far. My wife splashed some citronella stuff on my face right after I shaved yesterday and it was a pain unlike any other, still got bit too.

Seriously thanks for all the help, everyone has been real helpful here, makes me feel bad for reading and not contributing for so long. I’ll definitely post some updates once I get stuff sorted.

Mopidick, Jesus.

I like it because you have the choice of visualizing a sad penis, OR, the famous whale.

And they’re equally bizarre.

Mopidick the fearsome prey of Captain Ahap.


To name a few areas:

Tataka (塔塔加): Take a some form of transportation up PH18, and you might see macaques along the road. Beware that they have gotten used to stealing things from tourists.

There are several trails that you could take. The Pattonkuan (八通關) and the Tongku Saveq (玉山) trails are not for day hikes, but the Lulinshan (鹿林山) and Linzhishan (麟趾山) trails are pretty easy hikes. You might be able to spot rarer animals or bugs there.

Arrissangh (阿里山): You will have to drive pass this famous tourist spot if you are going to Tataka on PH18. There are many Tsou villages along the main road up to Arrissangh. There are plenty of agriculture roads and probably be good for night herping if you stay at one of the local B&B.

Meishan (梅山): A lot easier to get to from Jiayi, and has a lot of places to hike as well.

Dulishan (獨立山): A tough hike, but it’s remote enough to probably see some cool bugs.

Hey what’s that one Monkeys Gone Berserk place they always show on the news?
Where the little bastards run up and cop a feel off your wife and steal your phone and all?


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Usually they are talking about Shoushan/Chaishan (壽山/柴山) trail in Kaohsiung. Although the monkeys near Tataka ain’t any better. It all starts with tourists trying to feed the monkeys…

Those monkeys in Kaohsiung who are unable to reproduce are also known for stealing kittens and trying to raise them as their own. A family who have grown close to the monkeys tasked themselves to rescue the kittens from certain death.

I’ve seen macaques all over Taiwan. The ones without any interaction with humans usually slowly move away from people. Those with too much interactions with humans gets bold and a bit aggressive.

sad to see a baby macaque playing with a rubber band… The macaques in Taidong are getting lose to be like those in Kaohsiung as well.

Man, you beat me by like 3 minutes.

Fuckin Leon, he kills me.
“E what? E…jackalet???”

Interesting, reading a good book now “the bonobo and the atheist” which talks a lot about similar behavior.

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If we humans evolved from the bonobo, we’d all be less violent and get laid more.

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Yeah, that’s the one.
The news stories invariably show crowds of mouth breathers standing right in front of the No Feeding sign doling out Pea Cracker chips to them

Word, there’s monkeys, and then there’s monkeys…

like these guys in Taidong? The no feeding sign is right above their head. They are staring at me because I started taking pictures of them feeding the monkeys for a good 5 minutes.

Excellent! I’m going to start planning a hike for a couple of these. I’m close to Dalin so they aren’t far at all.
I’ll let you know how everything goes and thanks for such a detailed reply.

Once I get used to how things work here I promise to be less of a newbie.

The only time I ever got close to a monkey it stripped my car bare of components, I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for them but also a polite distance.

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Yeah, and don’t let em near the wife’s goodies.:wink:

@Bearog where do you live? I can show you one or two places in Taipei area, but this year I only see 1 or 2 snakes per night… which doesn’t guarantee that the night you go you find anything…

One of the best places for seeing snakes is road number 7, where @onionsack usually does his herping (but IIRC he only goes there from M to F, not during the weekend). I want to go there again for that every single time I’ve gone there this year there’s a roadblock right after BaLing, which is where the fun starts. Still some findings in the way up to XiaoBaling (I think that’s the name…).

The place where I go when I feel like to see snakes is in GuanYingShan, on the way to BaLi / Taipei Port, but there are lots of snakes everywhere really. The problem is to see then when you want :smiley:

Lantan (蘭潭): I didn’t think there’d be a lot to see around Lantan, as it is pretty popular these days, but apparently people find all sorts of things around there as well.

I’m down Chiayi way at the moment but I would be happy to visit for a look around sometime. I figured there’s not going to be lots of snakes spotted each night so I was going to take some advice from here and learn a few trails local to me and try my luck.

Thanks again and would definitely be up for some snake spotting around Taipei in the future.

Chiayi should have as many snakes if nor more than Taipei (well, it’s difficult to say… there are snakes everywhere :slight_smile: ).

Go by night to any mountain road, the smaller the better probably, near the junglish thicks, and if the road has a ditch or a concrete wall, better.

Take lights, camera… and take it easy. Some of the snakes here are very dangerous.