Just need a few things

Does someone know where my friend can buy some cloroform, gold glitter and a feather boa in Taiwan?

“it’s for a friend” yeah right… :unamused:

Don’t forget the handcuffs.

Would you like to borrow mine?

:imp: That’s what I should expect for posting here. A little serious help would be apreciated.

You’re not serious, are you??

What do you need them for ?
Are all these item to be used together ?
The others I can understand. but Chloroform ? :shock:

You didn’t really expect a serious answer did you ?!

I’m really sorry I can’t help you as I’d truly like to hear what you intend to do.

Presuming you have a camera, would it have anything to do with snaps of a compromised but unconscious boss?


Serious? OK, try wandering around Ximending for the boa and probably the glitter, too, though you may have to find a big stationery story for the latter. Ah, Ximending, where youth fashion and the cheap hooker look come together in a uniquely Taiwanese way.

Chloroform – sorry, I can’t help with that.

No, wait. I’m not really sorry.

Actually Ximending might just be the place for your cloroform too.

I’m not implicated in a crime now am I?



And while you’re at it, I need some quicklime. I’m, er, doing up the patio.

I wonder if we’re accessories to some sort of crime now. Did the heir to the Max Factor fortune post on a board like this before committing his crimes?

Thanks Cranky and Richard, heh, heh, heh. . . . :mrgreen:

Peewee, you are one scary mofo. I just saw your recent inquiry on the “CCRD and fingerprinting” thread

Dude, what the %$#% are you planning to do with chloroform of all things? :?

Just having fun silly. The conditions of people’s actions might sometimes agree with people’s observations but the observations do not always agree with the effects that the actions are supposed to have as a result of the conditions.

Thanks for clearing that up :? .