Just showing up and finding a job


I just finished teaching English and playing Hockey in Korea and want to do the same thing in Taiwan! I’m planning on going to Taipei next month. I was just wondering what people who go there and then find a job, do about housing when they first get there? Hostels, hotels? Also I read that you need to give immigration an address of a friend to prove you’re just visiting instead of looking for a job, I don’t know anybody there, what did others do about this?

Is anybody working at a school in Taipei that is good to work for and looking for a teacher?


I would greatly appreciate any advice/information you can give!



There are probably a few other threads on the subject. It’s best to run a search through google.

Good luck!

thank you very much!

I managed to just show up last year around Halloween and I found a good job within a week. It was outside of Taipei, in Hsinchu county in a small town. But it ended up being a great place to live and I’m happy I took the job.

But that job just ended and now I’m having some trouble finding a new one, having moved back to Taipei…

I think there are plenty of jobs in Taoyuan… Really, I think how easy it is depends, at least in part, on where you live, or where you want to live.