Just walked through a giant vape cloud

Am I going to get the virus or what?

I don’t understand these people. Go ahead a vape, but why be a giant douche and blow huge vape clouds on a busy sidewalk where people are walking?


Where else are you supposed to blow it? Into your pocket?


Away from where people are walking. No one thinks you’re cool for blowing huge clouds.


Except the people blowing them unfortunately.


I just pomelo walk/farted six steps on the sidewalk…am I also suspect?

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Was that you?

If video footage comes out of a guy getting to his room, not being allowed into his room via odd fang-cah , then taking the elevator down to the lobby, but emergency stopping off at the 2cd floor bathroom for…business…goes online…THAT was me.

Blow up…easy. but if scooters are legal, probably no moral reason to ban tobacco and its extracts. Everyone has their point, interestingly all of them are likely right when.it comes to not wanting xyz air pollution.

I, for one, find random methane clouds obnoxious; however, no one listens when i mention a Centipede styled (re?)breather for chronic flatuating crop dusters. There is no justice…

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My ex-son-in-law was (still is probably) a vape douche.

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Probably he is just a douche, in general. Vaping and not caring is likely just one, of many, signs of such douchebaggery.

Employers almost always hate or dismiss people based on whether they smoke. Depending on the position. For example. When I hire a sales rep, smoking is a positiive. they get along well with other business folk and the simple smoking of fags and poles allows them to break barriers and move onto a more net positive outcome. As is alcohol.

When i hire someone to actually be making something (aka, being productive and not just bullshitting people to make sales), smoking is an insanely high net negative as they are almost always lazy, taking breaks a couple time an hour and cause insurance costs. In this case people with serious addiction issues (nicotine and ethanol) should not be hired, and fired if their addicions become apparent in the work place.

Depending on which substance is being used, always determines which sort of work they are capable. But when the substance is past being a sometimes thing, and becomes abused…like cigarettes, it becomes a burden on the company and staff they are surrounded by. I would say tobacco fiends are in the same place as coke heads. They have their niche, but overall drag down a company…

I find your lack of typos disturbing. :open_mouth:

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Bet you can find at least one…depends the device i am using as to how terrible the typing may appear.

I will try harder next time :slight_smile:


I’m ex smoker over 20 years I still enjoy scent of newly lit cigarette.
Vape scent is disgusting to me, however it’s not smoke it’s vapour.

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Does this apply to crack smoking? Asking for a friend who’s the son of a politician. He needs a low-profile job in sales for the next few years.

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Not for me…crack isnt even a thing here. But more than a lot of workers in taiwan get their breakfast off a mirror.

Check your industry, sales no. Delivery services and anything that is hard and long without much need for logic is a dead winner for a meth head.

The Wolf of Wall Street is the salesman’s Bible. Friend of mine works for a company which has a very competitive sales department. Lots of signs and warning posters about people doing drugs in the toilet at work