JUST what is whisbi?

i am developing quite an affinity for whisbi. whereas alcohol is a depressant, whisbi seems to have just the opposite result. it leaves me gregarious and i wake in the morning with no pain/lament.

just what is this stuff? what are its drawbacks? will a bottle a night once a week be detrimental to my health?

It’s amphetemine in a bottle, and drinking it to excess will have the long-term effects of any other abuse of such speed, caffeine, or diet pills.

Personally I can’t see how you can stand to drink the stuff. That horrid sickly sweet syrupy…yech! I occasionally force a bottle down if I need a little pick me up to counteract the depressant drowsiness of beer, when I’m out on the town Saturday night.

I’ve never tried the stuff and was also curious what it is. But if it’s “amphetemine in a bottle” how come you guys drink it at night? Is it usually drunk while consuming alcohol at night? Wouldn’t it be better to slam one down in the morning instead of Mr Coffee to get the day started?

Interesting. Would anyone post the declaration of contents?

So it’s like red bull?

Nasty, nasty, nasty stuff. Is this post just in time for Chinese New Year, or what? :slight_smile:

My “mother-in-law” mixes it with milk.

I have another friend who mixes it with beer.

Now where’s that damn puking smiley when I need it? :mrgreen:

It’s a kind of herbal/medicinal mixed drink with ginseng, etc., plus around 2% of alcohol. I see people who have manual-labor-intensive jobs drink this stuff quite a bit (i.e. construction workers, carpenters).

It’s not amphetamine, but it’s definitely not good for you. Just look on the back of the bottle> The ingredientsa are all there in English.

Caffeine (the stuff in coffee), taurine (the stuff in red bull), nicotine (the stuff in cigarettes), something like psuedoephedrine (the stuuf in some cold medicine which is a bit of an upper and can be used to make speed), maybe gurana (another upper), and a very small amount of alcohol (not enough to get pissed. Soem other upper, and ‘flavour’ ingredients.

Check the bottle and report your findings back here.


mixing it with beer gives a horrible hangover.

It’s banana liquor.

The taste is like sh*t.

And then some, but the taste is ok when mixed with beer.

For the true Taiwanese hillbilly mix it with a can of Mr. Brown coffee, chew a beetle nut and smoke long life cigarettes…

[quote=“Mr He”]The taste is like sh*t.

And then some, but the taste is ok when mixed with beer.[/quote]

I’m curious. If you tasted something and decided that it tastes “like shit”… then why in the world would you then decide to put the stuff in your beer? :? :? :?: :?:

As I recall it tastes like extra sweet bubblegum. Never again.

I was very tired that night and needed a qiuck pickup.

Traditionally, ppl used to mix stronger alcolohol into the beer, as most beer had a very low alcohol content, with 2% being a lot.

i’ve seen/heard of the following concoctions:

whisbih + milk
whisbih + orange juice
whisbih + coffee

the worst one i’ve heard of is…whisbih…fortified with rice wine!..only 30 nt a cup at a noodle shop…actually, it was Paolyta(Bao Li Da)…which is essentially the same thing…

completely disgusting…tastes like a liquid Flintstone Vitamin…but what a booster shot…body gets all tingly and warm…lots of energy…


while it may indeed be an acquired taste, such does not immediately disqualfy it. remember yor first beer? wasn’t it just yummy yummy delicious? or your first cigar? for me, drinking whisbi had the same initial effect. now, when i take a shot of it (have you tried mixing it with SARSparilla rootbeer?) it evokes recollections of cherry kool-aid with too much sugar in it. ah the sweet bright days of summer playing ball in the yard bask upon me regardless of where i am when i feel the sweet kiss of whisbi.

previously, a night out would be anywhere from 6-10 beers in bars. now that i have discovered the sublime delicacy that is whisbi my beer in-take has dried up. a bottle of whisbi before the bars (or come back for shots stored in the scooter helmet compartment) leaves me just right. it gets the buzz on in a much quicker, cheaper, healthier(?) and really decreases the hangover effects the next day.

of course, living in china may of whacked out my taste buds. all those rice wine ganbeis actually got doable. at first it smelled like a strangers vomit, but after the first 100 or so, the aroma fades a bit.

comparing the two, rice wine and whisbi i have give whisbi the edge.

If you need a pick me up, I’ve found that green tea with no or little sugar gets me going more than anything else. On top of that, it’s actually healthy. And it doesn’t give me a hangover like whisbi or caffeine pills or coffee.

green tea is my main drink. at first i hated it. just hated it. the taste took a bit of getting used to. but now, it is my drink of choice. cutting sugar consumption has been a boon in my life. sugar it seems is everwhere and in everything. mcd’s sprays the frenchfries with sugar at the plant before dumping them in grease. sugar is in our toothpaste. if it is so cavity causing, why is in the toothpaste?

if anybody out there has the book “sugar blues” i would love to read it.

My first drink is BEER! AND BEER RULES!

[quote=“skeptic yank”]sugar is in our toothpaste. if it is so cavity causing, why is in the toothpaste?


All of the sweet-tasting toothpaste (most of the major brands; check out great alternatives like Tom’s of Maine) I have encountered in the US has been sweetened with saccharin. The manufacturers do not have to display the usual saccharin warning because one is not supposed to ingest toothpaste.