Justin Trudeau is a Dunce?

Despite the fact that I think he was a coward during World War II (driving around Jewish neighbourhoods in Montreal in German outfits), I respected the intellect of the late Pierre Trudeau. Despite his reckless spending and the wealth redistribution of the National Energy Program (which hurt Alberta and the West so much it didn’t recover for over a decade), one could laud him for his intellect, his internationalism, and even some of his decisions in office (using the War Measures Act to combat tribalism and terrorism, Charter of Rights of Freedoms etc).

However, as even some of his apologists will attest, his handling of economic matters almost left Canada in financial ruin. The Canadian media’s fawning over new MP Justin Trudeau makes me sick. He is definitely the lightweight of the family. His brother Alexandre, a journalist, is a hell of a lot more brighter than Justin. It’s too bad he didn’t enter politics instead.

Justin, in an interview more than a decade ago (my liberal parents mentioned this to me), mentioned that he doesn’t read books. At the time, he mentioned that he’d rather have people tell him about the news instead of reading it for himself :laughing: Now this lightweight is one of the top picks for Liberal leader according to some polls(although he won’t probably enter the contest)? Considering his father’s legacy on economic matters (hardly did Canada any favours here), it is also interesting that he picked economic topics for his first speech in the House of Commons. How can the Canadian papers be fawning over such a lightweight? :unamused:

Do the Liberals really want such a lightweight as their leader? Liberal leadership candidate Ignatieff is a foreign policy hawk that is truly intelligent and international. Spending a good portion of his life outside Canada has also made him able to view things from outside the suburban bubble that so many Canadians live in. Conservative PM Harper is an intelligent policy wonk and strategist that has surprised a lot of people with good performance as PM. An election between those two in the future would be interesting indeed.

I can understand Conservatives wanting the Liberals to choose Trudeau (it could lead them to a huge majority in the future). However, why would Liberals want to nominate someone on name alone? :laughing: If members of the party decided to select such a lightweight, it would be an even worse selection than Dion IMHO. From a out-of touch professor to an idiot child of the Canadian Liberal aristocracy. :smiling_imp: And this is the natural governing party of Canada? No wonder the new immigrants to Canada seem to be changing parties. They’re smart enough to be able to smell a stinker. After all, they’ve been dealing with many of these type of parties in their home countries. Shame that many Canadians don’t have the same sense of smell.

Former Australian Labour PM Paul Keating once called Alexander Downer the “idiot child of the Aristocracy/Adelaide establishment.” Well, Justin makes Downer look like Stephen Hawking and Albert Einstein combined. :laughing:

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He seems to have inherited the right political disposition and instincts. That said, from firsthand experience, I can tell you that he is a bit thick and ought to have chosen his own path rather than try to follow his father’s.

You know, Chewy, re-reading your post, much of what you wrote applies well to Bush-the-Dumberer-End-of-the-Dynasty.

I disagree. Before successfully entering politics in middle age (not 36 as Justin Trudeau is) , Bush was a pilot, oil entrepreneur, and political consultant to various campaigns (some associated with his father, some not). He failed at some endeavors, but he was often at odds with his father in his early life, wasn’t he? Trudeau, on the other hand, taught social studies for a few years in Vancouver (where one would assume he would have learned the context of Mark Anthony’s “Friends, Romans and Countrymen” instead of using it inappropriately at his father’s funeral) and acted as a “pseudo-intellectual commentator” on lots of state-run newshows with Trudeumania-loving anchors :laughing: In my opinion, he was just doing these things to pad his CV before finding the right time to enter politics. Bush, in my opinion, spent a lot more years in the wilderness.

Furthermore, I think Bush tried to distance himself from the family’s Connecticut roots. Justin Trudeau didn’t do this in Montreal, did he? Why didn’t he run in Vancouver instead of Papineau on home turf? Bush’s friends were down-to-earth school chums from Midland, Texas, not billionaire Bronfmans and other scions of the establishment as is the case with Justin.

Don’t compare him to Bush though. That’s comparing two different age demographics. You want to compare a 36 or 37 year with Justin Trudeau, compare him to Bobby Jindal. Like Pierre Trudeau, who was educated at the London School of Economics, Harvard, and the Sorbonne, Jindal was educated at Brown and Oxford before being a McKinsey and Company consultant. From here, he turned around Louisiana’s Medicaid program before becoming Assistant Secretary of Health and Human Services for Planning and Evaluation under George W. Bush and then Governor of Louisiana. In this type of comparison, I think Trudeau is seen for what he really is–a lightweight seeking the limelight too early in his career and using the family name to get there. Personally, I don’t think we need any more of these type of politicians. I would prefer to see more Bobby Jindal types.

Again, I think Alexandre is a lot more intelligent and would probably be an asset to any political party.

What other kind of intellectual standard would one expect from a social studies teacher?

I remember the old joke we used to tell in junior high school when Justin was born:

Howcome Justin Trudeau doesn’t need to wear diapers???

French teacher, I believe.

Is he related to Justin Timberlake? He can dance.

[quote=“the chief”]I remember the old joke we used to tell in junior high school when Justin was born:

Howcome Justin Trudeau doesn’t need to wear diapers???[/quote]

Nobody? Nobody?

Because he was born to Pierre!!!
(you have to say it out loud or it doesn’t work)
:roflmao: :roflmao: :roflmao: :roflmao:

French teacher, I believe.[/quote]

I think he specialized in both. Probably switched from English to French as he does in political debate.

en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sir_Winsto … (Vancouver

French teacher, I believe.[/quote]
That’s even worse!