K pop album

Can anyone tell me where to go to get the physical album package of Loona’s [++]. My niece wants me to get it for her. I’m thinking Hsimenting…

Kpop? For NZ?

I know. Go figure. I guess to answer my own question Jiajia records is the way to go. I’ll wear my dirty mac.

The 光南大批發 sell some K-pop albums , maybe you could check there?

Also the 五大唱片 Five Music store in Ximending


You should introduce her to some real music instead. :joy:

Better yet, teach her the ways of AAARRRRRGGGHHH!

Both her uncle and grandfather are jazz musicians.

She’s a great disappointment. :sob:

Don’t worry, it’s probably just a phase…

This is 2021, internet, download!

Yeah nah she wants all the extras, posters stickers etc.