K-Spray 3 - The London Police, Flying Fortress, PEZ

K-Swiss presents K-Spray 3! The London Police, Flying Fortress, and PEZ are coming to Asia and will make a stop in Taipei in their 6 city tour!

In Taipei it’s going to take place at the Red Theater which is in Hsimen Ting, near the No. 6 exit from the MRT. Will be a lot of free KS3 product giveaways that have these guys’ adorable iconic characters on them.


So this is like a graffiti/stencil exhibition?
Sounds interesting.
I work that night, but I might be able to check it out before closing. :slight_smile:

Don’t know anything about those guys, but I’ve been taking an interest recently in stenciling, screen printing T-shirts and other artsy stuff, so I’ll go and take a look.
I vaguely remember having also seen something about the k-spray team doing something the next day, April 11, during day hours at Nanjing East Road, sec 4, no 1, which sounds to me like it could be the Taipei Arena (giant egg). Unfortunately, I don’t remember where I saw that and what the precise hours are.

Too bad you weren’t around for one of the first two tours, where we had Logan Hicks, Sixten, Phibs, and Fremantle, some top stencil guys.
I think the hours for the 11th are from 3-6pm, it’s located at the K-Swiss store which is across from the arena and right next to Hang Ten.