We just had a test of the response time for our fire brigade. A bit past 3 one of the cats was playing noisily with a piece of plastic. The noise woke me up, went to see…noise stopped. I just got into bed and the noise had started again when KABOOM. An explosion sounded all over the neighborhood. No more plastic noise.

That sounded like a transformer, I thought. Weird, it is not raining nor middle of summer heat. Better check it out, it could be on fire, I thought.

By the time I walked to the market street, two cop cars and two fire trucks were coming up from the main road, full siren and lights mode. Took them less than 10 minutes, bit over 5. Out came pouring an assorted contingent of shirtless fire fighters, accompanied by cops asking questions.

Now I am tucked in bed again and I can hear some machinery outside. Feels good to know we’re covered.

So bigger than this:

But smaller than this?:

Impressive response fro the Taiwanese fire brigade. Quite reassuring to know they’re always primed and ready to go.

Are you sure it wasn’t a “spring dream”? :wink:


Unfortunately, I did not have my phone for evidence. They were wearing black sleeveless tops and had their yellow jackets dropped around their hips. Sigh.

Gonna be difficult for my blood pressure to go down enough to fall asleep…

Yep, definitely in between. Lots of sparks, almost no smoke.

Parts of the hood have no power.

At least the cat stopped the annoying plastic noise. That is why I got up. I mean, if the cat is spooked, I am scared.

Perhaps you could do with some company ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

I’ve seen them come out during a TYPHOON and then fix the transformers that blew up . …Fire brigade…Police and Taipower .

Bet that’s because people are cranking their aircon up in this heatwave we are experiencing.