Kama Lounge

Ok, I’ve been reading about all the other bars and restaurants in town and decided it was finally time to mention ours. We have two floors, with two DJS on the weekends, one local, one foreign. Great music, food and atmosphere ( in my, somewhat biased opinion, classy but not snooty).

If anyone has been there before please offer your compliments and/or criticisms.

Lane 266 Alley 16 #3 Renai Rd Sec.4

Please list your beer menu. Thanks.

We don’t have too much of a beer selection :blush: but this is what we do have: Boddingtons, Budweiser, Coor’s Light, Corona and Heineken.

We have a more extensive list of wine, whiskey and champagne.

very different interior design. tho kind of reminds me of g-down on fuxing south rd(near the bagel/pasta joint) but way more cozy.

…young, rich and pretentious folks with their gorgeous lady friends…great row of flashy cars double parked outside…

don’t tell me its not snooty in there…then again, i’m probably not ur target audience…

i’m sure the CAPT folks feel right at home there… :raspberry:

prices are not outrageous at all…very much in-line with the surrounding area…

if ur looking for more of the same crowd, just head up and down AnHe Rd…places like champagne I and II, naomi, organo, etc…yay…so much fun…

The design was done with an Indian theme (kama sutra) We got a lot of things from an Indian man here and the rest from Little India in Vancouver. We also foud an Indian guy to write on the walls for us. The basement was just redecorated and we dropped the theme a bit and went for a little more funky furniture and lots of great fabrics.

Ok, maybe some of the girls are a little snooty but the atmosphere is more relaxed thean at some of the competitions :wink: Also the DJS and bartenders always like to chat and my husband tries to talk to everyone when he has a chance.

CAPT folks?

An example of prices are beer 150, cocktails 250-300, wine 1200 and up for a bottle, whisky 2400 a bottle and up. If you order a bottle of whisky or other spirits then they will keep it for you to finish another day.
Also weekends the tables have minimum charge like most of the lounges, ex. samll table 2000 so if you have 4 people then 500 each.

Decor is definitely unique compared to all the other lounge bars in that area.

I’ve been to several lounge bars, but like Kama the most because of its special decore. Have yet to try the food.

Thanks :smiley: My husband put lots of time into decorating the place and is always coming up with new ideas, I’m glad it’s appreciated!

what kind of music do the djs spin? crap shit or something less crappyand commercial?

Sorry for the late reply.
The DJ’s usually play lounge, house etc. they are both HUGE music fans and I think they’d cry if you accused them of play commerical music!

Sounds cool! I’m really looking forward to checking it out, just wish you had a better selection of beers. You could get rid of Bud (water comes out of a tap anyway) and Coor’s Light and replace them with Beck’s Bier, and maybe a decent Belgian Abbey beer. (Leffe springs to mind.) Or maybe you could match your decor with an sub-continent beer? Never tried any but I’d love to expand my horizons!

I’ve had this in a couple of curry places here. Its not bad.

Never heard of it, sandman, and I can’t tell from the pic where it’s from. I assume India. Does Pakistan even make beer?

Kingfisher is brewed by United Breweries in Bangalore, in south central India. It is also brewed at various other locations around India but the export version in 33cl bottles is brewed in Bangalore which has the better bottling facilities. Their kegging line for draught (local market only) can only fill one keg at a time which I thought was hilarious and there is a cow tethered to a post next to the silo where the unmalted barley is stored which was also funny but fortunately does not affect the beer itself. The export Kingfisher is pasteurized and stable. The local one isn’t. Agree with Sandman, it’s not bad. If you can find the local distributor (I have no idea who brings it in) ask them for Kalyani Black Label which is also an exported UB beer brewed in Bangalore but with its origins at Kalyani, just north of Calcutta (Kolkata) in West Bengal. Kingfisher is also brewed under licence in the UK by Shepherd Neame Brewery in Faversham, Kent. Export to Asia used to come from there but switched to Bangalore in about 1995. FYI. Pakistan makes Murray (sp?) Beer from a facility in Quetta. Never had it though. Unlikely to be exported beyond a ‘permit room/shop’ for foreigners in major centres.


The interior decoration is unique, but the music played seems out of sync with it.

The setting makes it unique in comparison to other lounges, but the music makes it bland again. Though perhaps the Taiwanese are accustomed to this monotony, and would not adapt well otherwise. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve seen a few indian restruants that run Hindi music channels all the time. Might be something to consider :smiley:

I have had Kingfisher a couple of times and it’s not bad, I’ll have to see if we can find out who supplies it here.

As for the music we do have quite a few hindu, Indian cds that we play as well as lots of new tunes from “Bollywood” but we can’t play these all the time. Have you been there since we added our new DJ from Holland? He plays every Sat night as wll as our regular DJ ,Jimmy, Local Personality Extrordinaire!


Every weeknight at Kama lounge between 9-12 will be shooter specials 100nt a shot, on weekends from 11-12

Also challenge someone to a shoooters competition 10 shots, 5 each, to see who can finish first. Losers buys the shots for just 500nt!!

Kama Lounge
15, Lane 222, RenAi Rd., Sec. 4

The handful of times I went to Kama lounge, it was a good place to hang out. Been awhile, thanks for the bump!

Aside from being the coolest place to hang out with friends and a drink, Kama Lounge is also a generous supporter of Animals Taiwan. I’ll be in for a sup before I leave.

[quote=“piwackit”]I have had Kingfisher a couple of times and it’s not bad, I’ll have to see if we can find out who supplies it here.


was talking to the owner of tandoor restaurant the other day and he said he is the taiwan agent.