Kamala Harris 2020


I was going to link a photo of creepy joe, but there are just too many to choose from.


True. But he did really well in the race for the senate in Texas. Not easy. Young people seem to like him where I’m from.


I’m waiting on who can elect the first bilingual Spanish/English POTUS.

THAT will be huge.

Isn’t there a 4th generation Bush that fits this description?


It’s just so creepy. Why has no one said anything to him. He’s doing it in front of everyone and a camera.



Given the level of Trumphate and that he was running against Lyin Ted who had just been schooled by Trump and the GOP, I tend to think his moment has passed. Interesting guy though, for sure.


That’s my thinking. Flash in the pan.

And it’s no longer lying ted. It’s beautiful Ted with his cool facial hair lol


Yea, emasculated Ted you mean.


Judging from his background, Booker is presumably a pretty smart guy. Why is it that he always comes across like a total bozo?


You got to love how trump makes or breaks you with nick names. He’s a master troll. The GOAT of all trolls.


I want to hear someone call him “Captain f8ckface” in a debate.

That would stick.


He tries to be cool like most of the democrats try to do. It seems fake and disingenuous. Perhaps also a bit patronizing.


I think it may end a persons political career. You can’t recover from being captain fuckface.


Are you kidding? Trump would put it on the side of Air Force 1.


Have you guys noticed bow Schumer has tried to keep a lower profile after the period during which we had Adam Schitt, The Dick and other memorable nicknames?
I think he felt “Cuck Schumer” pending on his head and decided to let others handle things.



ok… so how does that slave reparations thing-a-ma-jig work offshore? How about including some of those African tribes who were in cahoots on the slave-rum-cotton trade? Great Britain you’re next.


Even a cursory knowledge of history should show this is bullshit, whatever the frock it’s supposed to mean. If we let that slide, whoever did that sendup can’t write a straight fact, but you should be able to read.


I looked up Brown’s town Jamaica and the founder is indeed Hamilton Brown. I have no secondary sources for her family tree, but what doesn’t make historical sense.

I don’t blame her or hold her responsible in anyway. But I just find it funny she wants reparations when she basically also benefited from slavery.

My roots go back, within my lifetime, to my paternal grandmother Miss Chrishy (née Christiana Brown, descendant of Hamilton Brown who is on record as plantation and slave owner and founder of Brown’s Town)


So did I, he died in 1848. Slavery was abolished in 1834 in Jamaica.