Kamala Harris 2020


Yes, it says he owned slaves before that. He had to free them but basically kept them working in slave like conditionings but technically they are free. Also then try to take advantage of the Irish migrants to replace the slaves he lost.


Yes, and? Do you suppose he was her “grandfather” as the article states?


You’re right. Idk why it says grandmother was the slave owner in the title when it Seems she is just a descendant of Hamilton brown.

This article seems more clear.



Well, look. Virtually all American blacks are part white, for reasons that don’t need much elaboration. Obviously they can’t be made to pay reparations to themselves. Most proposed reparations schemes are based not on payments to or from particular people, but macro-level social spending (from the government and to broad-based social programs). The logic of who ought to receive reparations has never quite been spelled out–should it be based on need (which groups are poorest, basically), or on righting injustices committed by the US government and/or society as a whole (in which case gays, Jews, and Japanese-Americans may deserve money despite their relative wealth)? The general presumption is that certain modern social groupings (often race-based) are the continuation of certain historical ones, and ought to inherit their moral debts. Unfortunately, these groupings are poorly defined, and have shifted over time. The political nature of the whole process means that any such programs will be formulated with certain desired outcomes in mind.

We now know that European-descended people (maybe others too? have to look this up) are part Neanderthal and part Denisovian. Perhaps they ought to lobby for reparations from “pure” Homo sapiens!


I don’t think she will get far after thinking about it. I can’t see her getting support from the black community as a prosecutor…no way. I just saw people call her a snitch lol.


That’s a big thing in low income minority neighborhoods.


So blacks won’t vote for her cause she a snitch, and whites won’t vote for her cause she a ho.


That’s a big thing among criminals.

Did you mean to imply that everyone from a low income minority neighborhood is a criminal?



you did, though…

Did you just make a racist xenophobic sexist claim that self-triggered you? What is this, the Current Year Twilight Zone?


Is she even black? She’s half Indian and half Jamaican. Are Jamaicans black? I’ve seen other black people say she’s not really black and she even has a white husband. Her “blackness” seems to be in question with the black community.


Perhaps it has something to do with an essay her father wrote where he pens his great Grandfather owned plantations and was a slave owner.

My roots go back, within my lifetime, to my paternal grandmother Miss Chrishy (née Christiana Brown, descendant of Hamilton Brown who is on record as plantation and slave owner and founder of Brown’s Town)


Now I’ve seen it as her grandfather, great grand father and great great grandfather, but they’re all wrong at a cursory read. Maybe that has something to do with something somewhere


In terms of race, Kamala is more Indian than anything else. Nobody seems to be calling her Indian-American though.


Hmm. Hamilton brown was born about 200 years earlier in 1776. What’s that at best great great great grandfather?


Probably half of jamaica is his descendent


Seems entirely possible that would be the case. He did found an entire town named after him.


She’s not going to win with the Indian vote lol. But it seems identity politics is going to actually keep her from winning. I don’t really care about all of that or that her ancestor may have been a slave owner. I do look at her record as a prosecutor, and it’s filled with contradictions to what she says she’s about. So for me that’s a no, I don’t buy what shes selling. I think is just saying things to win political points and she does not actually feel this way nor has she acted the way she says she is about.


To be fair to Kamala, she doesn’t seem to self-identify as African-American. But she’s smart enough to know that the Democratic Party would identify her as such when she decided to enter the 2020 race. I’m also not convinced by her embrace of left wing politics. Hopefully she’ll move to the center if she makes it through the primaries.


If I had to pick a Dem right now, it would be Booker. He does say some stuff I agree with. Maybe a little lame and plays on the black card. But he seems sincere to me and isn’t so radical compared to others.


I don’t think either possesses the political instinct or ability to think on their feet that would be necessary to win against Trump in 2020. This was pretty obvious in Kamala’s case when she got asked by that reporter about the Smollett hoax. Or maybe she can be a quick learner. We’ll see.