Kamala Harris 2020


Well my fear is Bernie. I think he will destroy America. Like literally destroy. I don’t think he would win against trump. But I didn’t think trump would win either so.


I wouldn’t worry to much about him. The wealthy Democrat donors will make sure he doesn’t make it past the primaries. They’re even more scared of Bernie than you are. :sunglasses:


Another major problem with Booker: baldness. Sounds dumb, but things like this matter. How many bald presidents have there been? Eisenhower…and he was such a badass general that he was able to overcome his lack of hair. This is why the left has tried so hard to portray Trump as wearing a toupee, despite no evidence that his hair isn’t real.


Black and bald is a thing though


For private dicks, yes, but not for presidents…so far, anyway.


and single, as well as not rock-solid confirmed sexual preference, not that there’s anything wrong with that


I could see him being gay.


This is big too. How many single presidents have there been? Only one, Buchanan, widely considered to be one of the worst presidents in U.S. history.


I wonder if it has to do with the singleness or with the lack of kids…


I think he looks decent bald as a black guy. Also helps that he’s not a skinny pencil neck and owns up to the baldness being shaved.


Yeah he was a tight end for Stanford


No, that’s what you did. Right there in your post.


I don’t know much about Booker, but have a positive impression of him, and suspect he would be one of the stronger candidates. Bernie is too much of an eccentric and a back-bencher; he’s entertaining to listen to, but we have no reason to suppose that he’s capable of running the government. (Sound familiar?) Biden has decades of experience and arouses few passions either way, but is known for his gaffes, which could very well derail him. Amy Klobuchar might make a good candidate, if she can get any attention in this mob of progressives. Maybe put her and Booker on the same ticket? Of course the pundits are going to be calling for Beto, but he’s a bit of a flash-in-the-pan IMHO. Harris and Warren are already well known and not in a good way.


I’m gathering some posters here don’t know much about criminal argot.


Only because the position, “Bell-end” did not exist