Kamala Harris 2020


Not fitting in your echo chamber? Ha ha


Jimmy Dore?!

Good heavens, who’s next? Janeane Garafalo?

Harris is a bad candidate because she stands for what’s wrong in the USA, and doesn’t realize it. The best argument for her is one she’s probably going to dodge as much as possible, that she’s a Goldman Democrat. Like Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth Warren, and Kirsten Gillibrand, she’s a Democrat who believes in seizing the opportunity for herself and “her legacy” instead of doing what’s best for the nation.

Wow. I can’t imagine how badly Europeans must think of Americans if they’re trying to make Americans listen to them by quoting Jimmy Dore. :grin:


Yes, she reminds me a lot of Hillary, a limousine liberal who recently put on a progressive veneer to appeal to the leftward shift in the Democratic party. She isn’t as deeply unlikable as Hillary, but I don’t see her having any kind of mainstream appeal. Just another member of the out-of-touch bi-coastal elite.


Yes, I’m not a fan of a socialist dictator whose people are starving, so I’m not interested in hearing apologies about maduro.


Is Warren a Goldman Democrat?


No, she’s a Pocahantian Democrat.


Isn’t that Indian thing blown way out of proportion?


By her? Absolutely. :grin:


She’ll probably deny it if you ask. However, Harvard Law has manufactured far, far more investment bankers than Studs Terkels’s.




Who would be worse, Kamala or Pocahontas?


Whichever one winds you chaps up the most. It entertains me.


A ticket with both of them on it. :hushed:

But this is all academic. Neither of them are electable.


Who knows?

At least Harris came by the advantages of affirmative action honestly. She never claimed to be native American in order to get a job. Pocahontas can’t say that (although she does say that).

My money says they’re equally bad for the country. Harris, Pocahontas, Hillary Clinton, and Kirsten Gillibrand are all Goldman Democrats who are neck and neck in that department.




Well, at least Tulsi is electable… :yum:


Warren seems a little smarter, and much more progressive, so she could potentially do more damage to the country. Given the choice, I’d probably vote Kamala.


I guess you weren’t yet a subscriber at WaPo when we went through the latest batch of Boston Globe pieces on Pocahontas.

It would be super entertaining to see her get the Democrat nomination. If the Boston Globe pieces plus her geneticist are the best defense she has, it will be a blood bath.


I’d vote for her. But she speaks the truth way too much to be viable as a Democratic candidate.


Harris has a pair of intersectional boxes checked and we could have another ‘first’. Clinton was the first black president, Obama the first reality TV star president and Harris could be the first black female president. If you pay attention to how the media is framing each thing she puts out, it’s fairly clear they (or the people behind them) prefer her.

The thing is I heard her announce her candidacy and in her speech she was far less charismatic than I thought she would be. I’ve only really heard her in press conferences and in the Kavanaugh hearings and although her ideas have always been rubbish, she appeared that she could at least pretend to do the job.