Kamala Harris 2020


But philandering presidents is kind of an American tradition.


We red-blooded Americans can only forgive males for philandering (it’s admirably aggressive etc.). Females don’t fare so well in the philandering department, not historically.

Although I’m sure it’ll float that way on the coasts.


"She was a victim of a patriarcal system that prevented her from advancing her career, and she was forced into doing what she did. It was basically rape even if she gave her consent #HerToo "


Oh it’s the patriarchy, yeah. The patriarchy and gravity, two forces that’ll always keep women down.


Sounds like it’s time for women to break through the philandering glass ceiling. Kamala may be the one to do it. I’m looking forward to more steamy scenes in the Oval Office!


I’m guessing she didn’t ask NY state legislators to view abortion videos before their passage last week of late-stage abortion law right up until the head pops out into the world.


It’s just a clump of cells until it successfully fights its way out of the mother, you know. A clump of cells that could turn out to be anything, really. :roll_eyes:

Harris won’t be the only Democrat to run against the 2nd amendment while saying no! she’s all for it but.


Did anyone watch her town hall? Interested to see how she came across.


That patriarchal system promoted her because they needed a “woman of color” capable of uniting the Hillary and Obama factions. Also, she gave mean head.


Oh dear the Memes are strong in this one …NSFW


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Is it just me that has between little and no interest what Kamala Harris does behind closed doors?


Yes. :grin:


Me, I find it all quite amusing. If The Donald had gone down on Brown for favors, that would be even more interesting. And if Kamala were to grab `em by the pussy, well… that would help, but not enough to make up for it.


:smile: Look, I dont know much about her, shes a prosecuter, in a previous life, I imagine she is smart. She wants health care for all, which coming from the UK and living in Taiwan I can’t argue with, although she initially said she would do away with private healthcare, which wasn’t such a good idea.

Seems in her previous job she wanted to jail parents of children who were delinquent, that policy decision might come back to haunt her.

But as for her reasons for a consensual relationship, I couldn’t care a less. IMO that line of offense will backfire, eventually .


It did in Bill Clinton’s case, but that was a different situation. I certainly wouldn’t consider it disqualifying, but a lot of people would…especially the “sleeping your way to the top” part. This is why they put it in the news cycle so early. They’re hoping it will lose its potency over the next year or so.


I see where you are coming from, I also see in 2019/2020 how that whole argument can be turned on it’s head, cue the sexist misogynist elderly Trump supporter with outdated values mantra.


Not only did she say she wanted to “do away with” private health insurance, she completely glossed over the effect that would have on the economy. In the US private insurance (spending on premiums, and benefits paid out) accounts for about 20% of GDP.

You don’t make one-fifth of the economy go poof and neglect to say what you’d do to replace it - unless you’re Kamala Harris that is.

She has two other huge problems, neither of which will probably concern non-Americans. She’s incoherent on the 2nd Amendment, and she has all but said outright that she’s for open borders. At this point, though, she’s no different on these two points than any other Democrat candidates. The only thing about her that really stands out is her skin color.

She definitely had some fans at her town hall meeting yesterday. She had vocal fans and the Democrat media loves her. Despite her incoherence, despite that she’s still probably too right for the left (and too left for the right) she could still go a ways.


I will be happy to take the English, without the “s” on the end
she could still go a ways.