Kamala Harris 2020


It’s spin passing itself off as debunking.

A snow job about a blow job.


I lived in San Francisco back when Willie Brown was mayor. He was well known around town for his whoring. He didn’t even try to hide it, either–he’s just have his driver stop in front of a hotel, waltz in with a hooker, then waltz right back out a bit later. Harris is just his type, too. No, they weren’t “dating,” unless by “dating” you mean “compensated dating.” If she’s not a complete ho, then at least she’s ho-adjacent.

Now you may be wondering how a politician could get away with such behavior. The answer has to do with San Francisco’s Democratic politics. Since the city is so liberal, there’s no chance in hell of a Republican ever winning anything, so city politics revolves around the internal workings of various Democratic interest groups and committees. Personal relationships / insider deals loom much larger there than they would in a more competitive political environment, and it’s hard to know what would qualify as a sex scandal when you’ve got actual, open, professional prostitutes involved. (Annie Sprinkle, for instance.)


Here’s a campaign slogan for Kamala: “I’ll give America a good time.”

The naughty nanny state. Your tax dollars on the dresser. Will her story have a happy ending?



So this is your smear of Harris? She smoked pot and had sex with men?


Her actual record is far worse for her; the ZT Prog Lepht will sort her out.


You’d think someone asking Americans to vote her into the Oval Office would know better. Then again, she did sign onto the GND about as soon as it was released, no way could she or her staff have read it.

I don’t think Ms Harris is having a very good week.



This is her idea of being relatable.

For all we know, she may never have smoked weed in her life. She’s not a pothead, just a natural idiot.


That would be consistent with her fellow Democrat prez hopefuls.


Pocahontas- “Thank you for being here”

Where else would her husband be lol It’s his house.


Also she lied about what rappers she listened to, or something.

But seriously, I think the claim is not just that she had sex with men, but that she did so in order to get political appointments.



The left will love it if this remains the focus of attack on her. This stuff is about as interesting a lie and as scandalous as HRC keeping hot sauce in her purse just in time for a black radio show interview.


or what Trump eats, or his hairstyle or …:grin:


Sure, the comprehensive shift against policy from both Left and Right is honestly what frightens me most. I mean we are three years into Trumpscape and no new war? That’s amazing in itself. Just that alone should be needle mover. China is caving in on trade; NK is not lobbing missiles at Japan.

Alas, POTUS’ private schedule shows lots of downtime to watch TV! Headline! :runaway:


Why she would lie about smoking pot:

The point is, anyway you look at it she’s a colossal phony.

I’ll bet dollars to donuts she fakes her orgasms too.


Not to mention that Trump took a steaming, heaping pile of shit off the next president’s table by moving the US Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem.

Democrats should be genuflecting at his feet for that. He took a yuge bullet for 46, and thus far almost no brags about it. And he could.


Whoa. You think there’s going to be another one?




quick recovery lol. He had like a scratch on his face, who gets jumped with a scratch on their face.


and while still holding his Subway sandwich in one hand that came away from it all in takeout condition