Kang Chiao school (康橋雙語實驗高中) in Xindian



Yes - I have used the search function but can’t find the answer. How much does Kang Chiao International School pay? Am interested. Many people talking about them. Are they one of the best?


It is odd how people post about schools anonymously but are reluctant to provide salary details.

I would very much doubt that Kang Chiao are “one of the best”. You might be looking at 90k a month. That’s just a guess, though.


I think that’s about the ballpark I’ve heard.


It’s standard for that sort of gig.


90k?? That’s loads… I wanna work there!!! makes my offer of 81k miserable


$80k - $90k is the base salary, depending on your education level. The offer they make you might go up depending on how much they like you and how much they need you.

What subject area do you teach?


Elementary all subjects and Middle school English


I don’t know how much elementary and middle school teachers get paid. I only know high school, sorry…

Do you have a master’s degree or an equivalent amount of teaching experience? (The $90k base salary requires a master’s degree)