Kanji Mnemonics


here’s a good mnemonic I get for japanese kanji…guess it’s similar to chinese…


Not bad. But I wish it marked which of the words in the mnemonic phrases indicate the meaning of the character.

That’s right!
And one column with it’s pinyin to make real good.
Who’s got free time to do it?? :wink:


No… certainly not me…but when you’re in Taipei…might as well go out for a coffee and practise my coughing French.
I’ll send you a pm later to give you my mobile no.

I got that link when I was searching for Katakana origin to help me imprint it in my memory, coz I tend to lose it after not using it for a while. Katakana is very feeble.


you seem to be into programing, can’t you write a soft that can do that?
:smiley: (I have no clue about programing…)

pas de probleme! :sunglasses:


A program that would mark the appropriate words? I wouldn’t know how to do that.

As for character-to-pinyin conversion, there are several sites on the Web that offer that. Perhaps <www.mandarintools.com>, but I haven’t looked there in a long time. But of course that would be for Mandarin.

Are there any sites that offer charcter-to-romaji conversion? Then there’s the whole problem of on and kun readings. Oh, what a headache reading Japanese must be.

I have a collection of japanese dictionaries and reading japanese too online… if you like it I’ll paste it here… otherwise I just keep it for myself… not everybody is interested in stuff like this…

I found myself so enthusiastic while the person I talked to fell asleep :slight_smile: , that’s when I start talking in Japanese :slight_smile: